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"Larger Sizes ARE Available"
By KelbyMediaGroupInc, 12/19/2011 about
You can put the NAPP T-shirt designs on ~any~ shirt you want and some of the shirts do offer larger sizes. For example: The "basic" T-shirt goes up to 4x, the "value" t-shirt goes up to 6x, and the "Basic American Apparel" goes up to 3x. There's also a size chart for each different style of shirt so you can get the exact measurements. =)
"Camera + NAPP Logo"
By KelbyMediaGroupInc, 12/19/2011 about
We inquired about this and because the camera is so detailed, it wouldn't make a good piece of artwork for embroidery, especially at a small size. Please keep the ideas coming, however. Thanks! :-)
"Taller Size"
By STPhoto, 12/19/2011 about
I will echo everyone else, I'm 6'7" and also a little on the big size. Would love to wear these shirts, but know that they will not cover. It would be great for me if you offered XXLT (Double X-large and Tall). It's can't be that hard to find shirts for this, I'm even okay paying $2-3 more for the taller sizes. Please give us options. THANKS
"Long Sleeve T-Shirts"
By Michael NAPP, 11/5/2011 about
Hey Scott...! It gets a little chilly up here in the PNW...lol. How about some long sleeves and hoodys...Thx.
"Re: An Idea..."
By KelbyMediaGroupInc, 7/29/2011 about
Thanks for the great idea. We are actually working on a concept very close to that. Stay tuned! :-)
"Bigger Stuff"
By KelbyMediaGroupInc, 7/29/2011 about
Hello, We contacted Zazzle and they informed us that the 6X t-shirt is the largest item they currently offer. We did bring to their attention that there is a demand for items beyond this size and they said they'd take it under consideration. As for client supplied items, we'll look into that and see what we might be able to do. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! NAPP
"An Idea..."
By 55Spud, 7/29/2011 about
How about, "A body like this requires Photoshop"?
By 55Spud, 7/29/2011 about
I apprecaite the larger sizes but some of us are not just big, but big and TALL. Seems like a great way to advertise YOU would be to allow your graphics on the custom function in Zazzle so we tall guys can promote you in something other than a midriff.
By KelbyMediaGroupInc, 7/13/2011 about
We'll look at the Scott Kelby mug and the firey NAPP shirt as possible upcoming designs. Keep the great ideas coming!
"T-shirt idea"
By JohnnyK, 7/12/2011 about
I think the image on the "Fire" mousepad would look great on a black t-shirt!
"NAPP store product"
By whyaturp, 6/29/2011 about
How about a "WWSKD" logo shirt or coffeemug? "What Would Scott Kelby Do?"
"Will Do!"
By KelbyMediaGroupInc, 6/29/2011 about
Both items are being added. Watch for them by week's end. Thanks for the input!
"Another NAPP product request"
By JSwarce, 6/29/2011 about
Black polo shirts with the NAPP logo on the front left, and maybe www.photoshopuser.com on the back of the neck or one of the sleeves.
"Product to add to NAPP Store"
By swoyer, 6/27/2011 about
Hat with logo.
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