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KelliKlymenko.com Artist, Photographer and Writer Marketing & Events Director for the Sedona Arts Center Kelli Klymenko is currently the Marketing and Events coordinator and a faculty member at Sedona Arts Center. He made his first major debut as a visionary photographer in 2003 at a private gallery showing known as "The Nemesis Collective" in Manhattan, New York. This spawned the completion of four published photography books formulated from over 19,000 images. Kelli has had an eclectic career, working as a marketing and art director, including webmaster for several high tech companies. Kelli has over the years worked: for independent motion picture and television producers and directors creating storyboards and designs for production projects; to branching out into other artistic endeavors such as writing screenplays; to writing his first novel, Finding Angels and first published on August 1, 2005 [US]. Those close to him knew this as “the seven year project”. Kelli also owned and managed a metaphysical shop on the East Coast for a number of years, creating scents for incense and oils that are exclusively his and still marketed through his venture, Spellbound Originals. Kelli relocated to Sedona, Arizona in 2004 for a year, then spent a brief three-year period in Beverly Hills and returned in 2008 to enjoy the beautiful scenery, weather, people and art scene. He lives locally with his family and enjoys seeing his son create art the same way he did when he was young. He also is working on creative projects and as an Independent Writer / Producer, developing a number of feature films scheduled for production.

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"Welcome to Zazzle"
By Lluwellyn, 2/23/2009 about
Your eye for this world and beyond awesome. I love your artwork
"I hadn't read your home page when I complimented"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 12/18/2008 about
your work, Spirit Calling. Obviously, you're a professional and well aware of offering a poster version. At least you know I really liked your piece!
By Kidd_Ikarus, 12/16/2008 about
Awesome gallery! Your photography is amazing. The pictures with the spirit imaging in them are really good. Nice page.
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3 results