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"star wars"
By Jonathan Mattox, 1/7/2015 about
how about a t-shirt with some non-trademark quotes from the cantina clip that you guys did. I enjoys all your videos.
By symphsation, 5/7/2014 about
Anything else from the Salesman video would be awesome. PeT penguin, plus another guy, a bank robba, a ten dolla bill. A pink coat or a black coat?
"T-shirt quote ideas"
By DD, 1/11/2014 about
* But what if it wains? * Would the da be dubby? * Yeah, ice cream. But NOT fwosting! * Sooooo.... * I have to give you a sot...wite in the head. * I have adapted to this planet.
By Karen Schumm, 1/2/2013 about
You need Big Trak shirt. Love your videos!
"Love your stuff!!"
By StacyN, 6/2/2012 about
My 5th graders are quoting kid history ALL the time! We have about 10 minutes of down time every day before lunch, so I would show them your kid history videos! They were and still ARE an absolute hit!! I thought I would show the 8 videos and then have to come up with something else to do....but we have watched them over and over again!!! Thanks for such good clean entertainment!!
By a fan, 2/1/2012 about
I just want to declare that I am a fan. I've been sharing your videos with everyone and I think you guys are hilarious! You do the act so well. Thanks for making us laugh with clean material. It's such a simple idea, but so effectively hilarious. Keep it up!
By bugsmom, 12/28/2011 about
For some reason Not a fan thinks his opinion is important to us.
By Not A Fan, 12/19/2011 about
I really don't understand why people think this is so funny! I've watched the clips and I have to say they are kind of dumb. I guess you have to be 60 + or a child to think it's funny. And t-shirts? It's not popular enough to get me to buy a t-shirt. Lame-O. Maybe the kids could re-create this post and then I'll think it's funny. I don't get the point of what you guys do.
"@ Not a fan"
By FACT, 12/1/2011 about
Silly Brett. You're a silly Brett. Your name is "Silly Brett"
By Quitecontary, 10/16/2011 about
You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work. Please don't stop making the episodes any time soon. Could you make a different t-shirt about the fireworks in episode 5? The part where "Nate" is talking about what the fireworks do and "Mike" says, " Boom.... they go boom."
"This is Flippin' awesome!!!!!"
By arealdisneyprincess, 9/27/2011 about
my friend introduced me to this and now i'm obsessed!!!!! Can you make a Ninja Vanish keychain please!?!?!?!?!?!
"My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard!"
By joyfulnoise100, 9/25/2011 about
I saw your clips today for the first time. My brother, sister-in-law and I about fell out of our chairs laughing. Even my 12 & 14 year old nieces really enjoyed them, although sometimes they laughed for different reasons. I went to the facebook page so I could share it with my friends, and when I saw you had merchandise I was thrilled. I know what I'm getting some folks for Christmas!! (Never too early to start shopping! Thanks so much and please, please, PLEASE keep it up - you're doing an absolutely amazing job. Also - do the kids ever tell stories that include their pets? I'm sure it'd be challenging to incorporate, but it could be well worth it!
By momof9, 9/13/2011 about
Faaakt!...you guys are just too funny. When I think of all the things my kids have said over the years I wish I had recorded some of it...for you to "re-create". Keep it up...maybe you could have them re-tell a fairytale? To Not -a - Fan: Every teenager I've shown the videos to have laughed their bums off. Get over yourself... I have a bike I can hit you with.
By I <3 kid history, 5/12/2011 about
Not a fan, well I guess your just some boring adult that doesn't like true, clean comedy. So according to you, you have to be a kid or an old person to like this? well then I guess I am a kid at heart:) p.s. your a lame-o :P for not liking it. you boring adult.
By Love It, 5/5/2011 about
I am a Kid History Fan! Not A Fan, since you took time to make a post I am taking your negative comments to really be jealousy. Afterall, you had to log in....create a screen name....c'mon. These guys are funny, AND clean, good family fun.
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