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All products are now taken down. I wish to close this account but I do not see an option available.

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"No More Products"
By No Name Anonymous, 2/22/2014 about
I have decided to close the store. All products are gone and I wish to close my account but I don't see an option for it.
By killer7227, 12/19/2011 about
When im done with your custom product i'll leave a note here listing your name and that your product is completed
By killer7227, 7/23/2010 about
To contact me to let me know what you want E-mail me at Wolf7114@ymail.com. Give me a name, nickname whatever, tell me what product, image of the shepherd from my products that you want, say colors, Borders (if any) how thick and color, Words (if any), font style and font color
"Request (continued)"
By killer7227, 6/19/2010 about
When listing a request put the product you want, Colors, Image etc. Also leave your name so i know whos is whos if anymore are there. When I'm done making your product it'll be in the category of (Request) next to The Shepherd's Paw, Ms. Shepherds items and so on. So check often.
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4 results