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Welcome to my gallery! Most of my work is comprised of original graphic illustrations but I also have a little bit of photography in there too! My creations are whimsical, lighthearted, witty, and humourous. I'm constantly adding new designs, so check back often! * Visit my boutique at USTrendy.com! Just click on the hot pink link below to be taken directly to www.ustrendy.com/store/kouture-by-kyla.

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"Great gallery!"
By Stefanie_Rski, 12/19/2011 about
Love the Vintage violin rose tea! Very nice - i'm a new FAN! 5*
"Great Gallery"
By fstasu54, 7/17/2009 about
Wonderful designs.
By CALLMEKEY, 4/22/2009 about
very nice gallery :)
"Very nice gallery!"
By attitudeartshop, 12/22/2008 about
I love your designs...great work! Lena www.RobertLynNelson.com & AttitudeArtShop.com
By aliciagrime, 11/28/2008 about
Lovely Very nice gallery. Beautiful Gallery
By puppy52, 10/20/2008 about
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a nice comment :) nice work on yours!
"What beautiful work!"
By Horseshoes3, 10/10/2008 about
Thanks for coming by my place and dropping a note - Grace
"Thanks for joining my FC--love your site!!"
By tomkatx2, 10/6/2008 about
"The zebra stripes on Safari caught my eye."
By Rebecca_Reeder, 8/9/2008 about
Both the lemons and strawberries make attractive designs. You could carry out that design theme with all sorts of colorful little edibles! :-)
"Love the safari stuff!"
By JollyRocket, 6/6/2008 about
"Thanks so much for joining my gallery! Yours is really great!!"
By JayBakkerShirts, 3/24/2008 about
"Very cool gallery! I just joined!"
By KarisStudio, 2/19/2008 about
Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely comments. Hope you have a great week. Love your gallery. Blessings, Kari.
By HahpiStuff, 1/6/2008 about
thanks for your comment on my valentine's day stuff! :)
By icunow, 9/20/2007 about
Thanks for stopping by again. I try to stay busy. Looks like you have some new stuff yourself, very cute.
"Thanks for stopping by..."
By yanmos, 9/17/2007 about
I appreciated!
"Very Cool Gallery! Love your mugs and tee shirts they are adorable!!!!!!!"
By KarisStudio, 7/9/2007 about
Thank you so much for stopping and for the lovely comments. Hey if your in the neighborhood again stop by! Have a super day!
"Hi! Thank you "
By AriesAspirations, 7/3/2007 about
for visiting my new gallery and for the comments and joining my fan club! Your designs look deliciously cute! I love 'citrus sisters' and the carb bunny!
"Thanks for stopping by!"
By GeminiMindArts, 6/27/2007 about
You have great designs! I can totally relate to the Sugar Bunny! :-) I had to put that one in my favorites!
"Thanks for your comment!"
By yanmos, 6/27/2007 about
"Great minds think alike..."
By lioneyes, 6/27/2007 about
and apparently like the same stuff too ;) LOL! Thanks for joining my fan club too!!
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