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Hello. I am such a beautiful orangutan that it seems only natural to have my own fan club site and gallery. You can tell your friends to come here. (Tweet me)Tweet Yes, my name really is Krista. I live on the island of Borneo. And yes, all of my profits - 100% - go to Orangutan Foundation International (which is a verified and registered charity in the Zazzle giving community!) I hope you will become a member at www.orangutan.org I live life on the E List - - "E" for endangered. Come see me on YouTube and check out those huge jungle vines that look like ropes! Krista Orangutan in the rainforest I am on Facebook. Look for my picture-because there are 2 Krista O sites to choose from. Krista Orangutan Create Your Badge  I like galleries that donate to save animals! orangutan_foundation's Store at Zazzle hsus's Store at Zazzle

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"Thank you"
By Krista_Orangutan, 6/30/2012 about
I appreciate your support
By MarianaEwa, 12/22/2011 about
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Mariana
By LadyDenise, 12/19/2011 about
I enjoyed Krista's comment and she is definitely a delightful princess!
"Hello, Krista,"
By CarolsCamera, 12/19/2011 about
I hope you're doing well! Of course now you're a movie star and quite a lovely one at that! Your Auntie Rebecca stopped by my gallery and left some nice comments. Please tell her I said thanks. Keep up the good work; there's no better spokesperson than YOU!
"Big fluffy hugs to you Krista!"
By RavenSpiritPrints, 12/19/2011 about
Thank you for swinging by my Gallery. I'll let you know when we make some sales for your wonderful Orangutan Foundation International project. Keep your extended digits crossed my darling Girl! *grin* Skye
"Hi Krista!"
By Diana L Gray, 4/8/2011 about
I have just returned from seeing "Born to be Wild".....I enjoyed it VERY much....such a sweet and tender film about the lives of orphan orangutans and elephants. I saw you in there too!!!! Luckily our friend Rebecca Reeder told me where to look for you and I saw you! Now I can say that I know a movie star! Take care...it's a jungle out there! Luv, Aunt Diana
By Miss 'N Nick Designs, 3/28/2011 about
Thank you for the nice comment on my lizard invitation. I originally made it for my son's party which was this last weekend! He LOVED it!!! And adores lizards. I hope people buy it because I think it is a fun original design for boy birthdays!
By Rebecca Reeder, 3/11/2011 about
Help ban lion trophy imports to Europe. http://tinyurl.com/EU-Trophy-import-ban
"Zazzlers- here's a copy and paste link to help with tsunami relief in Japan"
By Rebecca Reeder, 3/11/2011 about
donate to help tsunami relief here: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/japan-earthquake-tsunami-relief
By Punk Girl Designs, 3/10/2011 about
Thanks for your comment on my Shades of Brown mousepad
"Dearest Krista, We're all so sorry to hear the news about Hangki"
By RavenSpiritPrints, 2/22/2011 about
This sad story only goes to remind us that these precious Orangutans need our help at every level, every day. Our love is with you all there at the centre and wherever your friends and relatives are. Hugs! Aunty Skye
"A beautiful soul lost to us earthly beings - so sad for you!"
By CarolsCamera, 2/10/2011 about
And all of us, as well. Gentleness and love live on, however, and I hope things at home are going well. Keep hugging those trees and tugging our hearts!
"My orangutan friend, an adult female named Hangki, died last week. (1/11/2011)"
By Krista_Orangutan, 1/19/2011 about
We had been so excited that she was starting to move around more. You can read the memorial to Hangki Orangutan if you copy and paste this link: http://www.orangutan.org/archives/4431
"Ah, but we orangutan/ great apes are so different from many primates."
By Krista_Orangutan, 1/17/2011 about
Orangutans are quiet and peaceful, very intelligent, and we smell good. I hope you'll go see the IMAX movie "Born To Be Wild" when it comes out in April (yes, 2011) because half of it was filmed at the Care Center on the island of Borneo where I am. You may decide we are pretty wonderful.
"Dear Krista,"
By Regella, 1/6/2011 about
Of COURSE I want YOU around. It's the CHILDREN who can go take a hike.
"My dear Krista,"
By CarolsCamera, 1/6/2011 about
Your singing voice is mah-vel-us, dahling, and my spider said it sent shivers down her spine (or where her spine would be if she had one). Some of the shelf fungi are said to be delicious, some not so much. Only the well-schooled experts should try one, however. We want to keep you around for a long, long time:>)
"Wow-- CarolsCamera thank you for your generous donation !!!!"
By Krista_Orangutan, 1/6/2011 about
A donation to save orangutans was made at Orangutan Foundation fundraising
"Happy New Year Krista!"
By CarolsCamera, 1/3/2011 about
and I hope it's a wonderful year year for you and all your friends. May your fund-raiser be a smashing success. Hugs, Carol
"Happy New Year world."
By Krista_Orangutan, 1/1/2011 about
Wow-- movie stars are making donations for the orangutan orphans in honor of some Zazzle artists (who must also be MY fan) -- check out the "in honor of" memo on a donation for a Zazzler here: online donation site for orphan orangutans
By breathe_art, 1/1/2011 about
thanks for your kind words, maybe ill base my next piece around you! lol
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