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The best place on the net to find original manga t-shirts, anime t-shirts, anime based merchandise and manga merchandise!. We offer very fast shipping and secure payment options. All art is 100% original, and either first produced on traditional media, then colored digitally, or made directly onto digital media by freelance illustrator, Vanessa Fardoe. You can find me (Kuroichoucho) at local Canadian art expos and competitions. I took home 2nd place in the 2008 AI-KON mascot contest and I'm constantly designing new art. My art has since been published into the "Manga Without Borders" art book, and I will soon be selling copies for your enjoyment. It was really an honor to be accepted into the ranks of many exceptionally talented manga artists! Thank you kindly for visiting my site, and I hope you find something that you like! ~Kuro

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By just4smiles, 11/30/2009 about
wow, i read your intro~ i'm veryy proud of your accomplishments! && i love your designs
"THX (^_~)/"
By LaLloronaX3, 8/3/2009 about
Thank you for joining my fan club! Your gallery is awesome! Definitely one of my favorites!
By rjvstudios, 8/1/2009 about
Love your work. I've been an anime fan for many years.
By thoughts_and_doodles, 7/9/2009 about
Great works kuros!
By Stitchlip, 7/3/2009 about
Word Life!
"Hello from Oz"
By JoAnnHayden, 6/29/2009 about
Flew in from Oz, via referral link. We shall give you a rave review. Love your products and gallery. We also joined your fan club. For we truely are fans of yours now. Back to Oz now! bye
By lpetrone, 6/10/2009 about
Thanks for adding your link to my lens. I love your work!
By Billistamps, 6/7/2009 about
Awesome art. Just awesome
"Hi, Welcome to zazzle community!"
By mickeyelvis128, 6/7/2009 about
Adorable store you have here!
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