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Welcome to Diva Lime - a site designed to promote and support Mental Health Awareness! Mental health is for "all of us" not just "some of us." LIME is the ribbon color for mental health like pink for breast cancer awareness. A portion of the proceeds from online sales help support this cause. For more on mental health awareness, go to Facebook Lime Ribbon Post, http://www.facebook.com/LimeRibbonPost?fref=ts, For free online mental health screening, go to http://www.mymoodmonitor.com Lady Denise's Home Site: Lady Denise... buy unique gifts at Zazzle Below are just a "few" of the products we have! You will find all our Diva Lime products and Mental Health Awareness products listed under "BROWSE THIS STORE" (in the green box to the left) - or - simply click, "View All Products", just below (under the words, "FEATURED PRODUCTS")! We hope you will leave with the desire to relax and give yourself a little royal TLC! You deserve it, Dah-ling! It's OK! Pass It On!

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By LadyDenise, 10/27/2011 about
Thank you! We appreciate you stopping by!
By Get Well Soon, 10/26/2011 about
You're products are amazing! : )
"Thankyou!!! Have a Wonderful Weekend!!"
By IsabelDC, 9/10/2010 about
GB - Darlene
"Your Gallery Designs are Fantastic!!!"
By IsabelDC, 8/22/2010 about
GB - Darlene
"I absolutely LOVE your lime collection to promote mental health."
By Rebecca_Reeder, 2/18/2010 about
"Well This is Fantastic ! Love this beautiful Gallery!"
By PeppersPolishMafia, 11/29/2009 about
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