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It's been a long time since I have posted un update, so here it goes!! I had been without a computer for a while, which made it impossible for me to post new items. Also, my HD is failing so I have no way to access the new characters I was working on (T_T). I'm really excited to have my computer back so I can start working on new characters and new products. Thanks to everyone that has continued to support the store even though I've been kind of MIA. Have a wonderful New Year!!! Thanks to everyone that made a purchase from our Zazzle Store in January!! Maki, Kay, Delauve, Mayra, Andrea, Toni & Diana! Hope you're enjoying your stuff!! If you send pictures of your items to zazzle, you can get $5 off your next purchase. Send them to community@zazzle.com If you'd like to receive a surprise gift, send me a picture of your items to the email address below. You can find me on facebook at facebook.com/KokeshiLove Also follow me on twitter at twitter.com/KokeshiLoveX3 Like always your feedback is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for all your support!! Have a wonderful day!! Karla - kokeshi-love.com P.S. If you'd like to contact me, you can reach me at karla.mazzei@kokeshi-love.com (^_~)/

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By animabase, 12/19/2011 about
Wow, You have stunning artwork and gallery. I like your cute characters I opened my zazzle gallery yesterday. I'm appreciated if you visit and join my fan club. Thanks.
"Cute Cute Gallery"
By Webjunkie, 12/19/2011 about
i came bye to visit you I will be back I'm a FAN
"Wonderful gallery . . I'm a fan . . keep up your beautiful work . . elizabeth"
By elizdesigns, 12/19/2011 about
"Apparel, etc."
By LaLloronaX3, 12/19/2011 about
I'm hoping to have everything added by Tuesday. I want to make sure that all the designs are going to fit well with the product. Thank you soo much for checking out my shop!!!
By Memories_by_Marie, 12/19/2011 about
Your gallery is delightful! I'm a fan!
By continuous_gifts, 2/21/2011 about
Very cute! You're a talented graphic designer and I wish your the best with your store.:)
"What a great store. Your designs are so very cute. I'm a fan!!!"
By SharonKMoore, 1/12/2011 about
"Amazing gallery!"
By natsutrix, 11/23/2010 about
Your designs are so adorable, and I love your take on kokeshi dolls!
By ThroughYourLies, 6/29/2010 about
Adorable products. im a fan :]
"very cute"
By AbundanceLoveTrip, 6/10/2010 about
"Your Gallery Artworks are Wonderful!!!"
By IsabelDC, 5/1/2010 about
By Andrea_Creates, 4/8/2010 about
Thank you for your comment sweetie....your gallery is super cute!!!! love your designs!
By SerendipityTs, 3/15/2010 about
Very Sweet! :)
By iloveyumcha, 3/10/2010 about
Super cute!!! I am a fan :)
By just4smiles, 11/30/2009 about
OMG. yooouur designs aree sooo cutteeee! +fan
By cyber_art, 11/5/2009 about
Cute designs! i am a fan
"Cute store!!! I love all your little Kokeshi dolls!! ♥ ♥ ♥"
By sandygrafik, 10/28/2009 about
"Lovely shop!"
By aportugueselove, 10/21/2009 about
Very nice work!Join my FC!!!!:))))
By monkey_trimmings, 10/4/2009 about
Greatness oozes out of your artistry!!! 5*****
By Houk, 9/24/2009 about
Lovely gallery!
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