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What's a lemonstick? It's a delicious, delightful, and simple treat for kids of all ages that originated in Baltimore, Maryland. Get a half a lemon, jam a peppermint stick in the center, and drink the sweet & sour juices. Lemonstick clothing is full of fun and super cool designs, inspired by the simple, easy, and sweet life of our childhood. Pass it on, and don't forget to SAVOR THE SWEETNESS!

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By starzraven, 3/16/2010 about
I have a blog that features "The Best Products on Zazzle" and I have chosen your product! Check it out! http://starzraven.blogspot.com/ Thanks!
By Albomfamily, 2/17/2010 about
I have featured one of your designs at The Funniest Easter Designs on the Web are here at Make Me Laugh - Easter Edition
"Love your baby designs"
By Albomfamily, 5/4/2009 about
I am a fan.
By jvinnyg, 6/5/2008 about
Awesome Gallery Super Work Beautiful Designs one million stars from me************************ i'm now a fan.
By seashell2, 4/26/2008 about
Great gallery, very cute!
By artology, 3/22/2008 about
So glad to see some new designs of yours--I really enjoy your sense of color and balance. R
"Cute gallery here! Fun stuff!"
By Cheries_Art, 2/21/2008 about
"Thank you"
By artology, 8/11/2007 about
Thank you for joining my fan club and for visiting my gallery. I really appreciate it. I really like your work, seems so fun and happy! R
"Thank you for joining my fan club!"
By codfishlady, 7/26/2007 about
"Looks like some fun designs!"
By Cherylsart, 7/26/2007 about
And I remember seeing lemon sticks in Baltimore, but I didn't know they originated there!
By HahpiStuff, 7/26/2007 about
OMG.....I'm LOVING your designs! ;)
"Welcome to Zazzle!"
By codfishlady, 7/26/2007 about
Looks like you're off to a great start!
By HeatherReMix, 7/25/2007 about
Looks like you're off to a great start at Zazzle - welcome and best of luck to you! :-)
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