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"Love Your Artwork! Congrats on your Artistic Design Award!"
By Touch_of_the_Wind, 7/3/2009 about
Janz Fine Art Studios
By AwesomeZazzlers, 7/1/2009 about
You’re an Awesome Zazzler! Congratulations, your artwork has been selected for an Excellence in Artistic Design Award and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.
"Awesome !"
By mindpixels, 1/11/2009 about
A very cool style
"Lenoir Designs, Art Studio"
By KitteasGallery, 1/6/2009 about
Your art is JAW DROPPING!!! Brilliant unique designs!!!
"i don't think I have to tell you............."
By beccasso, 11/21/2008 about
your art is gorgeous!
"So PROUD of YOU!"
By ricasmith, 9/13/2008 about
HI George, I graduated high school with you 20 years ago! You have truly taken your art to a new level. Congratulations!
"Beautiful work"
By mssuziev, 8/1/2008 about
I love "Love's Embrace"
"Great stuff!"
By Giftgarden, 6/14/2008 about
I like the thinker and Abstract Beauty!
"Your products...."
By AunchelMulticultural, 1/9/2008 about
"Thanks for the jazz with your "superbes" images !! "
By AHHannaHHA, 12/24/2007 about
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !
By allstarkim, 12/13/2007 about
"I am very impressed!"
By Jenn, 11/21/2007 about
Can't wait to see your art up close. I really admire the work you have done. You are truely blessed. God has touched you in many ways...
"Your art is just awesome"
By akiliking, 10/3/2007 about
By KABSANNIE, 8/28/2007 about
You are welcome!
By HahpiStuff, 7/11/2007 about
Your art is breathtaking....keep up the amazing work!
"Breathe Taking"
By chantay9502, 4/19/2007 about
Your art work is very soulful it demonstrates how Beautiful Black is....
"Love your web site!!"
By MedinaA42, 4/1/2007 about
you are a Blessed artist..;- )
By noodleli, 3/31/2007 about
WoW! Very original. Love the strong colors! Awesome artwork!
"Fantastic artwork!"
By baxiemur, 3/31/2007 about
Very nice gallery so far. I really enjoy your musical themes. Keep up the great work!
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19 results