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T-shirt designs from a logical mind. Some are funny, some are deadly serious... all are logical.

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"Thinking for yourself is great"
By brotherbock, 4/14/2008 about
I encourage it in any field, even religion. The problem is that most of your 'free thoughts' here aren't original, nor are they very well-reasoned or researched. Thinking for yourself is about more than just hawking hatred and knee-jerk rebellion against an establishment. In fact, the athiest mantras you're repeating here don't show a lot of free thought--they show that you are as stuck in atheist dogma as you claim Christians are. I honestly have no problem with your atheism--just with the hatred and incorrect presentations of Christian beliefs.
By HahpiStuff, 6/21/2007 about
Im soooo diggin your gallery....not many other people in here would agree, but I think its awesome how you think for yourself!
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