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Welcome to LOL Teez! Please shop our designs by clicking on the department that catches your eye! We have lots and lots of quirky designs and funny t-shirts as well as specially themed departments for official Twilight t-shirts and fan gear, official Scrubs TV t-shirts and gear, homeschoolers, readers, writers, artists, and lots more! Please browse our departments to find your new favorite tee and don't forget to check our blog for the Obscure Holiday T-shirt of the Day Award ! This'n'That has dozens of quirky, silly, funny t-shirts to choose from! My Inner Child carries outerwear for your inner child - existentially and philosophically funny tees! The Twilight Store has official Twilight gear for Twilight fans! Obsessed with Edward, I'd rather be on Isle Esme, Meanwhile in a Town Named Spoons ... and lots more! The Scrubs Gift Shop carries official Scrubs gear for fans of the show! J.D.'s musings, Dr. Cox's rants, and lots more funny t-shirts! The Homeschool Shop has serious and funny tees for homeschoolers and unschoolers! Hello Baby! great designs for pregnant and nursing mothers and babies too! The Three Rs has special gear for readers, writers, and artists on t-shirts, book bags, and library reminder magnets and buttons! Faith Out has great scripture verse t-shirts and other Christian designs! FeyWorlds has faeries, elves, and fantasy drawings on t-shirts and gift items! Holiday Hotshop holiday designs! Real Milk carries designs for raw milk and cheese lovers! The ARTery carries fine art masterpieces and modern graphic designs on t-shirts, canvas tennis shoes, stationery sets, postage stamps, and gift items.

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"This is awesome! I'm a fan!"
By Sandyspider, 1/25/2011 about
Great directory for all your shops.
"Hi L!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 1/1/2011 about
Cool Store, Best of luck to you! Have a Blessed New Year! Ron
By courtjester, 12/31/2010 about
Awesome designs and quite the LOL site!FINALLY! I am trying to catch up on all the 2010 comments on my site, before the year is over. Thank you so much for being a part of my fan club and stopping by. Take care and Happy 2011!
"Featured t-shirt"
By GroovMoov, 8/22/2010 about
Dear LOL teez, I just discovered, about a month later, that you featured my Amelia Earharts t-shirt on your blog. Thanks! Your store is very well put together and you do a very fun job with using fonts, words, and ideas.
By summermixtape, 8/6/2010 about
thank you very much for featuring me on your site! >have a great day ;)
By shopstew, 7/25/2010 about
Thanks for picking my products!
By nightmare7darkangel, 7/24/2010 about
Thank You For Choosing My Product to show case in your store. I have browsed your store and have seen some very nice designs. Wishing You All The Best. I joined your fan club!
By dezine01bo, 7/24/2010 about
Thanks BUNCHES for selecting one of my shirts for AMELIA EARHARTS Birthday! Much appreciated. Bonnie
By itsaratsworld, 7/23/2010 about
Thanks so much for featuring one of my shirts for Ratcatchers Day on your site!
"Thank you"
By Lotacats, 7/23/2010 about
so very much for featuring my Pegasus and Moon for moon day. What a kewl collection of Tz!
By WindyWinters, 7/13/2010 about
Wow! What a fabulous collection of shops!
"Thank You!"
By gailg1957, 7/3/2010 about
Thank you for choosing my cat t-shirt, your kindness is much appreciated!!!!
"Thank you..."
By maylilly, 7/2/2010 about
Thank you for choosing my shirt for World Environment Day! What a nice surprise :)
"Great Store!"
By maylilly, 7/2/2010 about
Best store yet on Zazzle!
"Thanks for you congrat..."
By smarttaste, 7/2/2010 about
Hi L, Thanks for you congrat on my Go Green T-SHirt You have great idea on you store
By welcome_home_navy, 6/19/2010 about
This looks great and such a good idea!
By moonvine44, 6/19/2010 about
This is so cute! Makes it so easy to find your super tees.
"Great Designs"
By poddys, 6/19/2010 about
Very unique and fun, love the store. Wishing you success.
By LOL_teez, 6/18/2010 about
Thanks Susan and Nancy. I like having separate shopfronts, but it seemed convenient to have one central place to send people who are interested. So here it is!
By susan52z, 6/18/2010 about
I love the variety in your various t-shirt shops. Great idea to compile them here!
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21 results
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