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By CaArtstudio, 12/19/2011 about
Just discovered your gallery & love what I see. I' m new at Zazzle 2, if you have a few minutes, please drop by. Thanks & enjoy. :)
By irishpen, 12/19/2011 about
It's me again. I have a question. I did a design, did the transparency for new. Then I looked for the delete the background. Couldn't find it. I did find flatten the file. Could you help me find the "delete the background. Thank you, Penny
By allegra_online, 2/26/2011 about
By drenaylee, 1/8/2010 about
As always, LUV ya stuffs! ReNay myspace.com/drenaylee
By irishpen, 5/20/2009 about
Well, it's going slow. But thank you for asking. :) I've been with zazzle now for almost 6 months, so it's slow. But I'm ok. :) Anyway, I like the "Route 66" stuff. It runs east/west of I-40 in high country outside of Winslow/Holbrook/Jo City. :) Ya' get your kicks on Route 66. Boy that's an oldie, but a goodie. Ha! Use to be a TV show about that too. Am I old or what? Tee Hee! Good to hear from ya'. Penny
By RAPTURE12894, 5/4/2009 about
By BIGBALLS6969, 4/26/2009 about
love the gone to texas mug ^_^ keep it up im a fan
"Love Woman of the West"
By ctek101, 4/25/2009 about
Great designs. Good Luck! I'm your Fan!
"Greetings LoneWolf"
By Cathyyy, 4/15/2009 about
I love your western designs and the Route 66 cowgirl! Thanks for your kind words on my gallery, I'm glad we're mutual fans!- Cathy
"Thank you!"
By lightningbill, 4/14/2009 about
For your visit and great comments on my "North Creek " mousepad! It is where my families mining claims are and definately my favorite place to hang out!!! Sorry about the slow response - been trying to redo my tagging of products which I was doing wrong and dial-up is not helping matters!!! Do enjoy browsing your gallery and checking out your wonderful works!!! Thanks again and I will be back!
"Welcome to Zazzle"
By Lluwellyn, 4/1/2009 about
Love your aventures illustrative style of your designs "Woman of the West". with the rose and every thing looks very nice. Love the symbolisem of the rose with heart made out of barb wire. Raw passion of the west. Love it
"Thank you"
By irishpen, 4/1/2009 about
Thank you lonewolf. You have truly been a lot of help. I will try the layers/layers, as you suggested. I think I did manage to make a transparency. I'm gonna try to put it on a black background in zazzle and see if it works. I will let you know which one, IF I manage to conquer this issue. Ha! You are truly a lot of help my friend. Once again, thank you
"Hi, it's me again"
By irishpen, 3/31/2009 about
Well, I went to file, opened New, got the checkerboard thingy. Made it transparent. Then, drew a whole pic. Went to the pallette, and tried to hit on the garbage can and I got a circle with an / in it. Couldn't click on it. ahahahah, what am I doing wrong. HELP! Ha! I'm a pain, ain't I. Thank you for your help. I really am a novice and DAH. Obviously, huh? Penny
"Hi, it's me again"
By irishpen, 3/30/2009 about
okey dokey LoneWolf, I'm gonna give it a shot. I'm not real sure where the layers palette is. hmmm. But, I'll experiment and try. OA is a toughy. Ha! AND not being puter savvy, doesn't help. I'm use to drawing by hand. This puter drawing stuff, is new and have old antiquated graphic, but do have Adobe, when it wants to work in my old puter. Ha! Thank you so much, I'll let you know how it goes. You've been swell.
By irishpen, 3/29/2009 about
Thanks so much for your help. I'm gonna give it a shot. I do have an older version of photoshop and I'll try. I tried doing the cutting out thing and layering it on but that didn't work to well. Ha! I will try and let you know if I succeed. Then you can look and see what you think. :) Thank you so much. Penny
By irishpen, 3/28/2009 about
These are wonderful designs. Do you do them yourself? I've yet to figure out how to put a graphic on, without having a background of some sort behind it. Like a transparency. Still learning. OA, ya know.
By gameskidsplay, 3/18/2009 about
Neat gallery.. love your banner! I am a fan :) Best Wishes~!
By lightningbill, 3/18/2009 about
Welcome and thanks for being mutal fans! Your comments are very much appreciated! Great works here!!! Great gallery!
By ICheetahI, 3/17/2009 about
thank you so much :)
By CaArtstudio, 3/15/2009 about
Thanks so much for visiting. Hope to see you soon on tne Zazzle planet!
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