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"The zombie teeth are great."
By Pufahl, 12/19/2011 about
It's a powerful image. I'm a fan for sure.
By Claire, 5/17/2011 about
Cool... Skot have you thought about putting a comp or request on LZ for Merchandise ideas?
"this stuff is cool. but...."
By MikeHammer01, 1/20/2011 about
this some cool stuff. it helps the site as far as advertising goes. but how does it help fight zombies? i saw a zombie site a few days ago that had a guy selling all kinds of things. he was selling Cold Steel items like the Cold Steel Crusher, The Indian War clubs, BDU's, Tac Vests, Gas Masks, Combat Boots of all kinds, and things for your rifles and shotguns. things like stocks, mags and other ATI gear. why cant we do things like that? it would be a hell of a seller.
"Can't Wait"
By wertyduke905, 12/7/2010 about
:D I hope you guys make somemore. I'd love to help the documentary!
By deadsumo, 11/18/2010 about
very cool
"Dropped in"
By BlakkDesignz, 7/7/2010 about
to say Zombies Are Real
"Good stuff"
By reachcorrado, 11/13/2009 about
I like these, great shirts!!!
"Loving it"
By Bill Bruin, 11/1/2009 about
I hafta do some more overtime...buy me some stuff
By Lawsae, 8/26/2009 about
You should make buttons that have the lost zombies logo on it. Buttons are all the rage.
"Just passing through"
By VonZombie, 8/14/2009 about
Stopping by to say... Hey!
By KeishaMaKainn, 3/19/2009 about
awesome I love your images
By D_C_Seibold, 2/24/2009 about
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