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"Hello from a new fan!"
By Andy_Z, 12/16/2010 about
Greetings from Andyland! I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I'm digging your store! Hope you have a great holiday season! Sincerely, Andy Z
By Swazzle, 11/26/2008 about
Thanks for visiting the Swazzle Store and leaving a nice comment about our baby dragon mousepad
By Eddy_G, 6/21/2008 about
You inspired me to have a go at drawing my own dragon. Come and see on my gallery page.
By jtgauntt, 6/3/2008 about
Thank you for visiting my gallery and your kind words. JTG
By jtgauntt, 5/31/2008 about
I love your George, and your little lone sheep too. Maybe your sheep can visit with my froggies. ;) JTG
"Hi loud, this is Eddy"
By Eddy_G, 5/30/2008 about
Gee I like it here! Superb dragons. I've a soft spot for dragons. You look like great fun. Gotta check out this comic. Good luck and keep zazzling.
By bizarrecartoons, 5/30/2008 about
Thanks for visiting my gallery and leaving such kind words. Your dragons are so cute, and the lone sheep is adorable. You have a new fan, and I'll have to check out your webcomic! :)
"My Comic Book"
By Loud_G, 9/9/2007 about
See what other things George is getting into at: http://www.drunkduck.com/George_the_Dragon/ If you see a comic that is on my comic book and its not yet made into a product, let me know and I'll make one. :)
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8 results