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Welcome to Love Art House's Shop. Visit www.lovearthouse.org to find out more about our mission to spread passion for the Arts, and to utilize the Arts to help our Communities. In order to help our communities, we share our proceeds and other resources with local agencies assisting with issues of poverty and health. Our other shops are located here: zazzle.com/lovearthousechicago-Love Art House's Chicago-themed shop zazzle.com/lovearthousedallas-Love Art House's Dallas-themed shop zazzle.com/lovearthouseboston-Love Art House's Boston-themed shop (You can also check out our Art Gift and Supply shop at www.etsy.com/shop/lovearthouse) Each shop is filled with vintage and modern City-themed art gifts. Proceeds from those shops help benefit poverty charities in those cities. More city projects and stores to come. Visit www.lovearthouse.org/cityprojects for more info. We invite artists to collaborate with us to help raise funds and awareness for local charities in their communities. Please send a message to us at: artists@lovearthouse.org There are many galleries in this shop available to browse, with more works added regularly. If you think there's something we should add to our gallery, or you'd like to make a Special Request, drop us an email through this store! Thank you so much for visiting, and Best Wishes to you! Love Art House...Bringing Art + Communities Together for Good

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By Forart, 5/14/2013 about
Very original store love it !!!!
"(✿◠‿◠) Hello, Pleasure to meet you, nice artwork/ gallery ✿✿✿✿✿"
By Destiny, 4/26/2013 about
We wish you much success! ✿✿✿✿✿ Hugs Destiny
By Margaret M Stewart, 2/11/2013 about
what a great store - love your abstract lights!
By Elsie Johnston Black, 11/13/2012 about
Your store is awe inspiring. Great images, great designs, great store!! Congrats!!
By Visages: Deborah Miller, 10/18/2011 about
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Halloween cards... I posted one in my Squidoo lens... Vintage, Victorian or Old Illustrations...
By lauriebox, 8/1/2011 about
thanks for your congrats on my TBA
By JuJuGarden, 7/27/2011 about
Thanks for your comments/congrats and joining my FC!
By CreativeColours, 3/7/2011 about
★ ☾ Շɧαɳӄ ўσʊ 4 your comments!!!☀☀☀Ⓗⓐⓥⓔ☀Ⓐ☀Ⓖⓡⓔⓐⓣ☀Ⓦⓔⓔⓚ☀☀☀Ⓗⓤⓖⓢ☀ⓢⓜⓘⓛⓔⓢ((❀◕‿.◕))♥
"Congratulations! on your TBA!"
By sandysch, 2/10/2011 about
Beautiful Design!
"♥¸.•*´¨`*•.¸♥ Super Congrats on your TBA 5 STARS ♥¸.•*´¨`*•.¸♥"
By galleriaofart, 2/9/2011 about
"Congrats on your TBA too!!!"
By CreativeColours, 1/17/2011 about
T☀H☀A☀N☀K☀Y☀O☀U☀ 4 your nice comments ... I TOTALLY appreciate it!!! BEST WISHES 2 U in your Zazzling :))✱*¨*•.¸¸ ✶ (✿◠‿◠) Chantelle
"Thanks for your congratz on my TBA! I appreciate it."
By CherylDanielsart, 1/16/2011 about
Congratulations to you for receiving a TBA today as well! :)) Cheryl
"Congrats on your TBA! 5 *•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆ ★-ⓢⓜⓘⓛⓔ-★ ☺✰((❀◕‿.◕))✰♥"
By galleriaofart, 1/14/2011 about
"Have A Great Year"
By ansel51, 1/5/2011 about
From a new fan. Dave
By DoodlesHolidayGifts, 12/20/2010 about
for the nice comments on our products. Best wishes this Holiday season.
By Doodlesipadiphonefun, 12/20/2010 about
for the nice comments on our products. Happy Holidays to you.
By CreativeColours, 12/19/2010 about
T☀H☀A☀N☀K☀Y☀O☀U☀ 4 your nice comments, I totally appreciate it!!! ★☺✰((❀◕‿.◕))✰ Hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEK!!! Smiles, Chantelle :)
By CreativeColours, 12/14/2010 about
★ *☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾★*☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾ *•.¸☆¸.•*☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆ Just swinging by 2 say HI & 2 wish you ALL THE BEST in your Zazzling & TONS of sales for this upcoming year!!!!! Շɧαɳӄ ўσʊ 4 being in my fan club!!! Smiles, Chantelle ★ *☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾★*☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾ *•.¸☆¸.•*☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆
By CreativeColours, 12/12/2010 about
((❀◕‿.◕))✰♥TYVM★ⓢⓗⓞⓤⓣ✯ⓞⓤⓣⓢ★ 4 your lovely comments and all of the stars, it was soooo totally nice of you!!!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL week & enjoy TONS of sales :))
"Congrats on your TBA! 5 *•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆ ★-ⓢⓜⓘⓛⓔ-★ ☺✰((❀◕‿.◕))✰♥"
By galleriaofart, 12/8/2010 about
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