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Sometimes the greatest pleasures are purely cerebral -- philosophy, knowledge, understanding. Observing and appreciating when the rest of the world is too busy "doing." Don't see your favorite design on the product you want? Message me or visit my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lovedart) and maybe I can help! Also, all designs are fully customizable -- just click the "CUSTOMIZE IT" button on the product page!

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By odinwar, 11/11/2010 about
Lo Here Do I Find Treasure! Surely Odin Guides Thy Hand!
"thank you very much! Lovedart! :)"
By Tatjari, 7/16/2010 about
"You left the me one of the nicest compliment!"
By galleriaofart, 7/10/2010 about
Thanks for making my day! Elizabeth
"Very cool gallery!"
By galleriaofart, 7/8/2010 about
Glad we are mutual fans! Elizabeth
"Congrats on your TBA!"
By alienpollution, 6/15/2010 about
Very cool designs!
"great designs"
By Pufahl, 6/15/2010 about
you've got some really original stuff. I like your style!
"Great Gallery!"
By WhimsicalBirds, 5/18/2010 about
By tonivee, 4/8/2010 about
Your stuff is really great
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