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We love deep thoughts, veiled meanings, hidden messages & covert groups! Everything about this gallery is about looking beneath the surface of a thing...And nearly everything can be CUSTOMIZED by the buyer! Do you like a design, but need it with your name or logo; -You got it (Just customize it at ordering)! And if you have a quality idea or design you want handled properly from data to final-design, --then choose us for your production! It's been a real catharsis to release so many designs into the public arena. Several are made to order. Some are new images reverse engineered from other sources - usually computer renderings. There's a reward in figuring out how a thing can be done. Other designs are everyday-things that some people find of personal interest. A few are limited edition images of high-end art designed & sold - sometimes into some of the finest homes ever built. Some people have expressed appreciation at the unique style of humor - found in several designs. Yeah - veiling a touchy message slightly & using humor to make a serious subject more interesting seems to work well & gets people thinking outside the box of the mundane mainstream.We've even designed for some people who had an idea, but lacked the software/skills to implement it. Feel at liberty to ask or comment about how your idea can become a reality! A substantial portion of every sale goes to benefit humanitarian causes.

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"Joseph Campestri"
By Joseph Campestri, 3/21/2014 about
Hi, I would like tell something at respect of the Brazilian G0y Flag (BGF). One reads a flag from top to bottom, left to right. So when the BGF is in a vertical hanging position, the dark blue must be on the left hand side. In this case, this objects' images misguided: Page 01 Notebooks; Cake Pick; Laptop bag; Case For The iPad Mini; Dry-Erase Boards; iPhone 5 Case; Case-Mate iPhone 4 Cover. Page 02 Coffee Mugs inox; Coffee Mugs porcelain; Round Wall Clocks; HTC Vivid / Raider 4G Cover. Then, if can change this small detail, I and brazilians g0ys we would appreciate so much your attention and careful. Regards: Joseph Campestri (Author of Brazilian G0y Flag)
By Galleria of Art.com / Elizabeth, 6/21/2011 about
•*¨*•☆.。.•*♫▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♫•*¨*•☆.。.•* Super Congrats on your TBA 5 Stars!
By Patriot_Resistance, 4/21/2009 about
You've got some very original design here - good job. I especially like your founding fathers quotes too.
By ThroughYourLies, 1/13/2009 about
unique. keep it up!
"cool gallery"
By lissame73, 11/2/2008 about
By Zoey_London, 1/1/2008 about
Happy 2008! Keep up the great work! Zoey London
"Very nice"
By talonrs, 11/6/2006 about
I really like your fractals you have a nice variety of pieces. Good work!
By Zeke145, 10/31/2006 about
I am impressed with what you have here. Fantastic!
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