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Hello and welcome - I'm glad you stopped by today. My primary areas of interest are: Digital Photography, Abstract Digital art, 3D Digital Realism, 2D & 3D Fractal Art, and Kaleidoscope Art. Over 2500 products now available here in my store. You will find items related to all of these categories here. Please see the Browse This Store categories on the right side of the page. If you are interested in becoming a Zazzle associate of mine and/or cross-promoting our products, please drop me a line at: Thanks! Please have look around and enjoy your stay! Also, please visit me at -Lyle View more personalized gifts from Zazzle.

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"Great store."
By martinspixs, 7/24/2014 about
love your images and designs.
"Love your work"
By Carol V, 6/22/2014 about
Love your work - I need to get the hat "shoot photo now, Photoshop later"
"Your Store"
By Nina May Designs, 4/14/2014 about
Great Store Lyle!
By Laura Barbosa, 7/24/2013 about
Thanks for stopping by! Great designs, love your store!
By Goosebury, 6/24/2013 about
Hey Lyle; I know you. lol Thank you for visiting my store and for the nice comment. Your store is beautiful, love this dark blue and of course your designs are fabulous. See you at Society6. I plan on adding some more designs in the future. Just been so busy. Have a great day.
By DWoehr, 5/30/2013 about
I love your fractal designs, Lyle. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.
By Kathy, 5/29/2013 about
Love your store!!! I'm a fan. 5*****
By Irina Wardas, 5/24/2013 about
Hi Lyle, just came to say hi from Society6. Beautiful store of yours, love your bags. I am still learning:-) Wishing you the best.
By Destiny, 2/16/2013 about
Hello Lyle, Nice to meet you, Lovely artwork, Best to you & yours for a Peaceful 2013! Take Care =)
"I'm totally blown away!"
By Wayne Edson Bryan, 1/6/2013 about
Really fantastic store, Lyle! WOW!!!
"Hi Lyle, Your store is looking great!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 12/25/2012 about
We wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year! Ron
By Gothic Toggs, 12/16/2012 about
Great designs! LOVE the patterns. Best wishes with your shop for much success =D
By sjasis, 12/2/2012 about
Great store, great designs! All the best!
"Hi Lyle! ☆◠‿◠☆"
By Bluedarkat, 11/30/2012 about
Your Store is Awesome!!! ☆◠‿◠☆ , Colorful Designs! Beautiful! Wish You the Best! ☆◠‿◠☆
"Hey Lyle!"
By Catherine Holcombe, 11/25/2012 about
Your store looks great! You have been here a while! I shall turn to you when I need an expert! Have a great Holiday season!
"yay! 5 big *****"
By Valerie Anne Kelly, 10/22/2012 about
Great store :~} Valz
By Robin Watton Stevens, 10/14/2012 about
Hey, I thought you seemed familiar! We're in a few of the same groups on Redbubble. Fractal Abstracts for one...and some others.....
By Robin Watton Stevens, 10/14/2012 about
Thanks for liking my store! I like yours, too. You have a lot of great stuff here. I see you also like fractals and kaleidoscopes. Keep up the good work!
By Przemyslaw Brodka, 10/9/2012 about
Lot of great stuff here:)
"☆◠‿◠☆ Hi! Thank You so very much for Liking my store and for leaving nice comment! I Truly appreciat"
By Bluedarkat, 9/21/2012 about
Your Artworks are so colorful!!! I Love Your Style, Your Design, Your Creativity! You have so beautiful Store! ☆◠‿◠☆
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