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MAXarT ~ autism is beautiful! MAXarT ~ asperger's is beautiful! (COMING SOON)MAXarT ~ autism is beautiful! The History of MAXarT MAXarT ~ autism is beautiful! became a LLC in 2010. All artists receive royalties (or, by artist/family choice, MAXarT purchases original artwork outright from artist) from each and every sale of their artwork design! MAXarT donates a minimum of 3% profit to the MAXarT grant. MAXarT also donates 25% of profit to many organizations we collaborate with for those purchases. We have been blessed and feel strongly about giving back to the community! Retail and wholesale orders are available. MAXarT’s Mission is simple but beautiful! We want to Employ, Empower and Accredit the autism community! MAXarT's Mission is to represent the autism community with the strengths and a beauty in autism! Autism is personal and so is our art. MAXarT art is all a positive reflection directly from the autistic artist. MAXarT's Vision is to be the global autism awareness merchandise company. For MAXarT to be the company that represents the ASD community with a positive strength and beauty, in the form of art, directly through the eyes of the autistic artist. MAXarT generates not only autism awareness, but also personal acceptance and understanding. We employ ASD Artists, We give credit to the Artists and this Empowers the Autism Community - this is everyone's world! We want MAXarT autism awareness merchandise to be just as readily accessible and available for purchase and as any other awareness merchandise! You should be able to walk into any store and buy autism merchandise off the shelf! MAXarT ~ autism is beautiful! A note from Max... Hi I am Maxwell Gaylord Timm, 5 yrs. old. I am a happy, beautiful, bright eyed child. I am a native of Fort Collins, Colorado. I attend Special Education Pre-k with my friends. I am diligently working on and overcoming speech obstacles. Fortunately I have been able to express myself through art expression. I LOVE ART! My passion is currently in painting, taping and art as self-expression. To bring to your attention... my talent in art is truly enhanced because I am Autistic and proud of it! Please enjoy my work and share it with many - it is my gift to the world! Big Hugs, Max Timm Child Artist, Autism Advocate and founding Artist of MAXarT LLC A Special Invitation! If you would like to be part of the MAXarT team please feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you! We have 2010-2011 volunteer positions open on both the charitable funds advisory board and the art submission task team. We are always looking for new Artists to represent and carry forward the mission and vision of MAXarT! If you know of someone or you are interested please contact us for more information. Thank you for your support! Your support and encouragement is what keeps MAXarT growing strong! Sincerely, Gayle Timm Mother, Advocate and CEO MAXarT LLC CHECK US OUT AT MANY DIFFERENT ONLINE AND STORE VENUES! Email us at maxart.autism@gmail.com Facebook like us at MAXarT ~ autism is beautiful! A local business Fort Collins, Colorado Visit us locally at The Drake Parlor Salon, Fort Collins, Colorado Andersen's Ace Hardware "Village Marketplace" Wellington, Colorado, Cool Bean’s Playhouse for our stainless steel travel mugs in Fort Collins, Colorado The Wholeness Center, for our artwork in print reproductions, in Fort Collins, Colorado Visit any of our online stores http://www.etsy.com/shop/MAXarTLLC http://www.cafepress.com/autismisbeautifulMAXarT http://www.zazzle.com/maxart http://myworld.ebay.com/maxartllc http://www.autismcommunitystore.com (also retail store located in Denver, Colorado) * Artwork * Quality Apparel * Stationary * Tote Bags * Travel Mugs * Baseball Cap’s * & More…

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By allegra_online, 2/27/2011 about
Awesome Gallery...
By pattijuneo, 5/10/2010 about
Simply amazing..This wiill definitely snowball for you! Hang on! I can see God's blessings on this endeavor! Love, Patti O
"Yay Max!"
By lauracookdecatur, 5/8/2010 about
Trust loves his Happy Wagon shirt! We are so proud of you Max! We love all of your art and we love you too! Keep creating dude! Can't wait to see the future unfold. Love, The Decaturs
"Max is an inspiring young boy!"
By Mdyer25, 5/3/2010 about
I had the pleasure of meeting Max last year in my Mom's classroom. He is such a bright and great little boy. I am proud of you Max. This website is outstanding. This is such a great way not only to inspire people but also to let them know about autism. God bless. Michelle Dyer
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