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Thanks to Zazzle for giving me the opportunity to share my work.

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"I'm delighted with your beautiful work!"
By Lidusik, 12/19/2011 about
"Beautiful Gallery!"
By SuzeeQ, 12/19/2011 about
I really like your Down by the River piece, but they're all great.
By bd5178, 12/19/2011 about
"love the owls"
By shatay, 9/15/2010 about
"Tlhanks Janz"
By maydb_7, 8/8/2010 about
Very nice of you to visit. Your gallery is amazing!
"Wonderful Gallery design!"
By Janz_Art, 8/8/2010 about
Congrats on your TBA!
"Wow! TBA!!!"
By maydb_7, 10/5/2009 about
What a suprise. Thanks so much for all the nice comments! I really, really appreciate it. You guys are great!
By travelbug, 6/13/2009 about
Great store.
"Thanks for becoming a fan"
By Lluwellyn, 2/9/2009 about
Love your designs. Thanks for your visit and kind comments. Your thoughts on my art and your votes are most appreciated!
By ccole24, 4/6/2008 about
Great gallery you have here, really enjoy it!
By LadyDenise, 3/19/2008 about
Love your work - and your heading on gallery is beautiful!
"You're very welcome and thank you for your nice comment."
By SuzeeQ, 3/18/2008 about
"Hi D,"
By SugrBliss, 3/16/2008 about
how are we doing lately! Me, i'm still social networking hehe.
By ncrawley, 2/23/2008 about
Many Thanks For The Comment, I Really Like Your Lacy hearts, simple but very nice and effective! Take care
"Thanks for your visit and awesome comment on my watercolors"
By artbyjolyn, 2/21/2008 about
"You're welcome"
By SugrBliss, 1/29/2008 about
May, & thank you for the kind comment.
"I guess..."
By daas_1, 11/12/2007 about
...I was mistaken, you are a gal not a man! My bad.. ..but great work, WOOT! d.
By daas_1, 11/12/2007 about
Great S*** Man!!! Very Sweet! d.
"Beautiful gallery!"
By TattooTribes, 10/8/2007 about
Congratulations on your works.. Great style!
By mraye75, 7/7/2007 about
For the compliment. Happy to join your fans!:)
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29 results
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