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Art is just part of my being, painting, drawing, line and color in motion.

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By SchlatterMargrit, 12/16/2009 about
thanks so much for your comment MaryBeth. I like your purple design with all the beautiful neon colors. I've made a claendar and I'm trying to find the category for listing it but have a heck of a time finding it. Do you know where I can find it? If you do a hint would be much appreciated. Have a happy Holiday Season.
"Thank You!"
By artgifts, 12/2/2009 about
Thanks for your kind comments and for sharing your delightful gallery! Keep up the wonderful work! :-)
By SchlatterMargrit, 11/23/2009 about
nice to meet you here MaryBeth, the t-shirts look great!! Goodluck to you with your store!!
By patsarts, 10/14/2009 about
Your art is awesome and love your 'stuff' - keep going!
By pinkyjain, 1/21/2008 about
Really love your art, very beautiful & colorful. Just joined your fan club, :O)))))
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