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Welcome to the store of Mental Vagabond! A print-on-demand store with customizable designs Welcome to the Zazzle store of Mental Vagabond! Zazzle stores are print-on-demand stores, POD stores, which means that there are no finished products in stock. Instead the printing of the design on the merchandise takes place after an order is placed. With Zazzle you can usually also customize and personalize the products the that you find in the stores. Store content This particular Zazzle store does not have any particular theme. It's a store where all sorts of creations are allowed - a melting pot of designs, so to speak... :-D Here you can find Valentine's day cards and wedding postage, funny t-shirts and cute t-shirts, smiley magnets and other magnets, thank you cards as well as birthday cards. For the more business oriented visitor there are business cards, both cute and elegant, and of course lots of different cases for the iPhone or iPad. Well, that's some of what can be found in this store. Have a look around inside and see if you find something you like! Special request Feel free to get in touch through the link "Send Message" if you would like to request something, perhaps a change in an image or that the image is put on a certain product if that is missing in the shop. WWZ - World Wide Zazzle Please note that Zazzle is available in several countries' domains, so to get shopping in your own language and/or currency, just find the most suitable link and click on it. You should be able to find the links in the footer but you can also go to the international page . (Not all products are available in all countries though, i.e. US postage is of course only available in the USA.) And of course, look up Mental Vagabond on whatever Zazzle site your clicking takes you.

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By Elsie Johnston Black, 1/26/2013 about
I love your designs and store?
By David, 8/3/2011 about
Just passing to see how you are doing...Like the new products
"THanks! :)"
By ambermations, 11/22/2010 about
THanks for the encouraging comments on my wall! Great work! !! :)
By Cosmobox, 8/12/2009 about
Nice designs!:) I'ma fan!
By gyenayme, 8/10/2009 about
Thank you for joining my fanclub :)
By picklelilly, 11/22/2008 about
cool, site my friend, like the dragon head stamp,from Pickle Lilly
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6 results