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Mental Vagabond
A mental drifter in the land of creativity
This store is a random mix of designs as well as products. It follows where my mind drifts and follows no thought-out theme but rather is a representation of my inner workings, of what's inside of me. As a consequence, the store can be perceived as a bit unordered from time to time since it is a battle between the chaotic side of me and the disciplined side of me. To be pleasing to the store visitor I try to restrict the chaotic side but it doesn't always work - but I'm working on it. :)
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Comments (6)
Elsie Johnston Black commented on mentalvagabond 1/26/2013
I love your designs and store?
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David commented on mentalvagabond 8/3/2011
Just passing to see how you are doing...Like the new products
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Amber~mations commented on mentalvagabond 11/22/2010
"THanks! :)"
THanks for the encouraging comments on my wall! Great work! !! :)
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No comments yet.