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Tags: Wall calendar. Calendar reform, World dual calendar, World calendar, Calendar. Handheld Novelist: Inventor Published Unique World Dual Calendar by means of Self-Publishing ******** – October 20, 2008 Russian inventor Mikhail Petin has astounded the literary world by writing books about the World Dual Calendar and publishing its on Zazzle.com, Lulu.com, Amazon.com the online marketplace for digital content. In 2001 Mr. Petin created the World Dual Calendar to the period of 3 – 9 millenniums. This calendar enables people of all nationalities and religions to live in harmony with the Nature (solar + lunar-solar cycles). But a historic chronology is kept as before. However after 2001 Mr. Petin had to postpone the publishing of his books due to some financial and marketing problems as well as the lack of a store-house for keeping books. Cristel Lee Leed, comments: “We live in an age when individuals are strapped for time due to work and family commitments, and this can often stifle creativity. Mr. Petin is a great example of the type of author we often encounter on Lulu – he has not only been creative with what he has written but also with how he has written it!” Mr. Petin says: “ Thanks to a new technology – Self-Publishing - and new principles of marketing in Zazzle.com, Lulu.com, Amazon.com I managed to publish my book -World Dual Calendar 2009, main religions - and 2 wall calendars: World Dual Calendar 2009 and World Dual Calendar 2009, main religions. Only a few years ago I would have struggled to find both the time and the publisher to enable me to create these books. Thanks to Self-Publishing and Zazzle.com, Lulu.com, Amazon.com I am now proud to be a published author.” [This symbol indicates the end of the press release] ###

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