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My art is mostly collected into THEMES so you will find the product of your choice within those themes. Just click on the folder to open the theme for listed products. CHECK BACK OFTEN. If you like a THEME but it's not on the product you want, please send me a message and let me know which theme and which product you'd like it on :) ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT

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By TheArtOfPamela, 12/19/2011 about
(¯`v´¯) `*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• I love your artwork I think it's great, I wish you many many sales! - Pamela.
By Basant_Soni, 12/19/2011 about
Dear Mis Tikkal... Glad to join ur fan club. without ur permission .?? i enjoyed ur wonderful galley .covering products of mostly all subjects. Ur Mysterious photos also awesome .i'm from INDIA ...very new to Zazzle site. i make Organic Art from Nature.Even my Canvas is Bark of Palm Tree.No any colors/artificial materials used to generate this organic art.. My best wishes wish to keep in touch.......Basant
By Rosy, 3/11/2011 about
EDMOND thank you for the visit, commenting on a product and on my store. FABIO thanks very much, and you are welcome.
By EdmondHoggeJr, 3/10/2011 about
Nice work on your store and beautiful products!
By Fabio Sanna, 3/10/2011 about
Thanks a lot for your appreciation on my webstore! Your designs are really beautiful! :)
By MisTikkal, 3/7/2011 about
Hello Hopeful, you're welcome. I love to see who is doing what and thank YOU for visiting also. Oni, thank you, again you are welcome. Thank you both for your kind comments.
By OniArts, 3/5/2011 about
Thanks for the kind comment! Love your work - Good Luck!
"Thanks so much for stopping by"
By TheHopefulRomantic, 3/5/2011 about
You have a lovely store here :)
By MisTikkal, 3/4/2011 about
Thank you Pamela, that's most kind of you
By MisTikkal, 3/3/2011 about
Pleasure Shirley, your store is gorgeous, and thank YOU :)
By MisTikkal, 2/26/2011 about
Thank you so much Mariana
"Thank you"
By MarianaEwa, 2/24/2011 about
for drop by and joining my fan club. I have join yours as well. Wonderful store and I really like the Australian category. Have a wonderful day Mariana
By MisTikkal, 2/24/2011 about
Thank you Basant, and you need noone's permission to become a fan, it's a compliment to whoever you sign up with. :)
"Thank You"
By MisTikkal, 2/23/2011 about
Hi SR, you're welcome, it's fun to visit other stores Thank you Chez, for the visit, the comment and the ratings :)
By Chez_Momo, 2/22/2011 about
wishing you the best on Zazzle. Lots of interesting artwork here and thanks for visiting. lovely store
"Thank You"
By StoneRhythms, 2/22/2011 about
for commenting and for your recent visit to Tiny House Gift Shop. :-)
By MisTikkal, 2/21/2011 about
Ron, same to you and thank you. sc001 :) thanks for the encouragement, it does help, especially being so new and feeling pretty inept. debin thank you, I've been so impressed as I've 'walked' around Zazzle, and I've only just started. I've hardly touched the surface of what's out there. It's a bit intimidating tbh. runningragged: My pleasure, I intend to visit lots more as I read blogs and get to know who is who. Yeah (grins) shooooooooooooooes!!
"Hi Rosy!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 2/21/2011 about
Cool Store, best of luck yo you! Have a Blessed New Year! Ron
By debinSC, 2/21/2011 about
Beautiful stuff! Love the Dragonfly designs! Wow!
"Thanks for taking the time to comment on my store!"
By runninragged, 2/20/2011 about
I do love to design shoes! lol You have a beautiful store!
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