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I love to create art, travel, take pictures, and fold miniature origami. I hope you enjoy what you see. You can learn more about me and see other images I have available by visiting my website muiling.com. If there is any image you are interested in seeing on a Zazzle product, I would be happy to make it. For calendars, I now only make them at Redbubble, and I would be happy to make a personalized calendar with images of your choice upon request. Learn more about making products requests and stay up to date with current promotions and discounts at: http://muiling.com/shop/promotions.htm. Copyright notice: © Mui-Ling Teh. All rights reserved. My art and writing do not belong to the public domain. Materials may not be reproduced, uploaded, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, copied, edited or published in any form or by any means without my permission. Any site using my images against my conditions have not sought proper permission and should be reported or brought to my attention immediately. If one of my images is found elsewhere other than my own websites, which could have been stolen, please report. No other site should be selling my work than my RedBubble Gallery .

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By Rebekah Sather, 6/23/2014 about
Love your products!
"*~*~*~*Very creative and unique!*~*~*"
By OnassaDesign, 12/19/2013 about
Your Arctic Playground Postcard Design is so unique and creative! What great idea all your origami~photo Creations! Just brilliant and clever...Love the idea! :D Wish you many sales, and a joyful and succesful time and Christmas....Greetings from Germany to you! :)Marta
By dorinco, 7/10/2013 about
Many of your items are beautiful, delicate and intricate. A poetic microcosmos...Visit my store, too.
By LoisBryan, 6/22/2013 about
Thanks so much for your visit and lovely note ... your images and products are stellar ... great, great store!!!!!
"Great store!"
By RJ, 6/22/2013 about
Hi Mui-Ling - thank you for visiting my store - Your's is absolutely AMAZING! Wow, I am really impressed. Well done. :) Scott
By Destiny, 4/27/2013 about
(✿◠‿◠) ✿✿✿✿✿ Lovely artwork/gallery, We wish you much success! (✿◠‿◠) ✿✿✿✿✿ Hugs Destiny
By PattiJAdkins, 3/24/2013 about
Thank you, Mui-LIng, for your nice comment on my Kitty Sleep Book kindle case. Your store looks great! So many wonderful designs :)
By Fred Flyfisher Fotos, 1/28/2013 about
Love your store Mui!
By KimberlyTurnbullArt, 1/23/2013 about
Your shop is fantastic :) Great stuff - From Kimberly Turnbull Art
By Nobu33, 1/15/2013 about
yup, I'm Cranemann on Redbubble. I started this one while I was in college then progressed over. I still upload a bit here and there. What is the best way to market your sites?
By Ralph Staples, 1/5/2013 about
love your work, wonderful
By Gothic Toggs, 12/22/2012 about
A beautiful gallery. Wonderful variety and eye for color. Thank you so much for stopping by my Gothic Business shop and best wishes for a successful New Year =D
By Paulo Capdeville, 12/11/2012 about
Hi, thanks for stopping my store and for the lovely words, much appreciated. You have a beautiful store, loved your photography, stunning and inspirational. Good luck to you. ^-^
By Messiah Gifts, 12/7/2012 about
thanks for visiting my store and your nice comment on my childs clock. i love your photography. interesting.
By ART GONE WILD!, 12/7/2012 about
ScreamnJenny and her duck thank you for commenting on her art.. DUDE!
By Belle13, 11/26/2012 about
Hi, dear Mui-Ling. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my art! Your store is so great! I love your creativity and I love origami! I'm a stalker (lol) so I followed you on ReddBubble as BelleFlores. Beautiful protofolio there, too! All the best!
By PLdesign, 11/25/2012 about
I love your store :) It is very lovely!
By Pauline Wherrell, 11/23/2012 about
Beautiful store Mui-Ling - you have some lovely items!
"Hi, Mui-Ling! ☆◠‿◠☆ Thank You so much for Your visit and Your very kind words on my Store and my Pro"
By Bluedarkat, 11/16/2012 about
I Much appreciate! ☆◠‿◠☆ You have so Beautiful Store!!! Elegant Designs a Beautiful Photography! You are very Talented Artist!!! Wish You the Best! ☆◠‿◠☆
"Beautiful store and products!"
By Zenya Zenyaris, 11/15/2012 about
Thank you very much, for your lovely comments on my products! Best wishes! Zenya
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