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"Carmex Original"
By JR, 10/16/2012 about
I'm from South Africa! Don't know why, but a few months ago the original plain yellow Carmex-lid was replaced by a lid with 2 red cherries. It's just not the same and we can not find the plain yellow one anywhere!! The ingredients are not the same, therefore the effect/protection/moisture on your lips is not the same!! Can anyone please help and send us the real Carmex, no cherries!!! Very urgent!!!
"Mint Carmex"
By Louise H, 10/7/2012 about
I have just bought mint, strawberry and cherry Carmex and I agree that the mint one is amazing!!!
"Carmex for Coldsores"
By lily, 10/4/2012 about
When will Carmex for coldsore become available in Rep Ireland?
By kelleygirldee, 7/27/2012 about
They make mint carmex???
"Mint Carmex"
By Amy, 6/30/2012 about
Please, please, please, please, please bring back the Mint Carmex!! It is the only chapstick that helps my lips. I have tried many different Carmex flavors and even other chapstick brands, but nothing compares to the Mint Carmex. It was so popular, why did you quit making it?
"mint carmex"
By annette, 5/20/2012 about
I loved the mint carmex, can you please bring it back. When I put it on it gave my lips a cool and healing feeling
"mint carmex"
By Kieara, 4/1/2012 about
I was able to find mint carmex as well as lime carmex thru Amazon.com.
"Mint Carmex"
By sgd61, 3/20/2012 about
Found one tube of mint Carmex in Tulsa and haven't been able to find it since. It is my favorite!!! Bring it back please!!!!
"Bring back the mint carmex!!"
By quickfingers22, 3/18/2012 about
Please if you are to release any new flavors, bring back the mint carmex, its the best lip balm (even better than regular, also amazing) that i have tried, even if for just a limited time so me, and all the other people in the country can stock up for the next 50 years1
By Scuby20, 2/16/2012 about
My mom is OBSESSED with carmex for over 30 years now! When she travels she carries about 10 on board with her and 10-20 more in her suitcase. Its such a crazy thing becausr she is always putting them down aty house when she comes visits and then forgets where she put them. She is always saying "where's my carmex". I joke that I am going to put that on her headstone when she dies lol. "where's my carmex" lol. I think you need to come up with a carmex holder, a sleeve of sorts for the tube kind with a lanyard or clip or something. This would work for those walking around and so they dont fall to the bottom of purses! Thanks! We love your product.
"Mint Carmex"
By Cinders2012, 1/25/2012 about
Where, oh where has the mint Carmex gone. Can't find it anywhere in the Chicago area. Please tell me you still make it! My daughter's addicted.
By marcello, 9/15/2011 about
Hello, I am a Carmex addict and have passed on my obesession to the majority of people around me! I was wondering if you could possibly start some sort of personalisation of the Carmex product whereby you could customise the tin? Keeping the essential carmex layout but adding the persons name and maybe room for a few words?? Get back to me :)
"Where is the candle?"
By tishen, 4/1/2011 about
Carmex is a wax based product. One of the standout features is the great smell of Carmex… Why do they not make a candle to sell? You would use a white jar with a kiss label and yellow wax and don't forget that great Carmex smell.
"You make Carmex look good"
By RockWorks, 6/30/2009 about
I get that tingly feeling just from looking at your designs. Grats!
By janislil, 6/23/2009 about
Congrats on being featured! Love your gallery.
By lovelygirls, 6/23/2009 about
Congrats on being featured! Good luck!
"Congrats on being featured!"
By cardvibes, 6/22/2009 about
Love your gallery.
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