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Welcome to Goma store! Goma is internet celebrity who has own Youtube channel, Facebook fan club and even his own blog!! His mother is a graphic artist who designed these products!! Enjoy!! Blog: mycatgoma Youtube: Goma Youtube Channel Facebook: Goma Facebook Fan Club

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By Christina Siravo, 4/30/2013 about
Your cat CAN haz his own store-! So adorable! I love your drawings of your kitty, such personality! :D
By iheartgoma, 6/16/2011 about
goma rulez
By iheartgoma, 6/16/2011 about
goma rulez
By Doodlesvarietymugs, 12/8/2010 about
for joining our fanclub. Mutual fans now. Best wishes to you.
By barankin, 8/28/2010 about
Awe! I love Goma! Your Goma designs are too cute!
By ambermations, 1/4/2010 about
I love Goma and I was so happy to see that you had a store :)! I love your Goma designs they're hillarious! :)
By huskymaster1, 12/29/2009 about
Go Goma! saw you both on Cats 101(even though i am a huge dog lover) on Animal Planet. When i saw you had a blog i just went on and WOW! Goma, Goma, Goma, Everywhere! Cute!
"Hey Sachie & Goma"
By mouschi612, 8/5/2009 about
Hey I love all of your really cute products. everything is so cute! Goma, you are very handsome and super cute! I love your blog Sachie, and everything on your blog is the coolest. :)
By OnlyFunStuff, 7/20/2009 about
Love this gallery, very cute deigns, Goma rules. Joined your fan club. - P.S. You've been Hippoed ====>
"I love GoMa!! "
By lisadstefanko, 7/4/2009 about
This is so awesome. you have ure own site and i have been begging my dad to make me one!! you r so awesome to be on tv and now u r like my own awesome superstar!! :) -Lisa Danielle
"Thanks from a newbie :)"
By jan4insight, 6/26/2009 about
Thank you for visiting my store, and joining my fan club! I've joined yours, too. Purrs to Goma, from me & my cat LuvLee! Jan B
"We "
By littlesunshinedaisy, 4/29/2009 about
I purchased the Goma Can Haz Cotton Candy shirt, in small and chose the "destroyed" t-shirt. It fits great and it super comfy and Goma looks as handsome as always!! It is my favorite shirt and I hope to purchase more Goma products!! Goma is my favorite internet superstar!!
"Happy Birthday"
By gingerjasper, 4/1/2009 about
Hi saw you on a friends blog and came over to say Happy Birthday. Love your art wok. Could you design a tshirt with Jasper on or would that not be possible? Ginger Jasper and Carol x
By FluffyKItty, 3/31/2009 about
Goma is awesome! I love that kitten!
"Happy Birthday Goma!"
By Jacqueline1013, 3/31/2009 about
I saw you guys on Cats101 and enjoy your site--very original and fun!!
By zwee2981, 3/31/2009 about
Goma-chan! Your meowm is too talented! That is a gorgeous new design. We wish OUR meowm had more munnies so she could buy one (at least!) of each offering. At least admiring is free, hee hee! Love, The Fabulous Flakerz and their humble servant, jmuhj
By mycatgoma, 3/31/2009 about
Thank you all for the comment!! Yes I should make t-shirt for boys for sure!! Goma is a boy so it totally make sense haha! and Marebear_35, I think I got your e-mail about bulk discount and shipping?? I hope so, if not I haven't recieved your message!!
"Goma is for boys too?"
By Jeannie11, 3/31/2009 about
Hi Goma! We saw you on Cats101 the other day on Animal Planet and we just love you! My son is a tremendous cat lover and one of your newest and biggest fans! He would love to have one of your tee shirts but thinks they look too girly for him. Can you ask Sachie to design a new shirt that would be good for a boy too? (He is 10 years old). Maybe like the cotton candy Goma but holding a video game controller or something a boy would like?? She is an awesome artist and super creative so I know she will think of something brilliant! Happy Birthday!!!! Jeannie and Kaden ps. We love watching Napoleon Dynamite too! It's the best!
By Marebear_35, 3/31/2009 about
Hi Sachie!! I sent you an email regarding your merchandise ~ I hope it got through to you, because it kept telling me that my message was too long. Grrr... Hope Goma has a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY and hope to hear from you soon!! :) With love, purrrrrrrrs and lots of sandpaper-y kisses (and of course some kitteh treats and perhaps a catnip mousie or 10!!) =^. .^= Gigikitty and =^. .^= Pouncer the Fat Cat
"Happy bday!"
By rocio2009, 3/30/2009 about
Goma happy bday handsome boy! Luna is sending you many kisses!! Luna is having a bday in 4 day too!! 1 year old uff our kids are growing so fast Sachie!
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