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Naomi Eve Designs
Oregon, United States
I am a mom, aromatherapist, home school teacher, jewelry designer, and nail technician, now a designer!I love anything that has to do with aromatherapy, using essential oils, growing herbs, soaps, candles, flowers, etc. I want to share my talents and interests with other people that feel the same way, has provided another fun way to do that! I also have a web site with information about using essential oils and how that fits in with what the Bible says about aromatic plants and anointing with oil at So here on I have drawn some pictures of plants used for aromatherapy, and where there is space on the product, such as greeting cards, I have included a Bible verse and a bit of information about the essential oil of that plant. So look around and see what there is to see, I hope you find just what you are looking for.
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