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"Powerful art." -Jared McCallister, NY DAILY NEWS "(Artwork) Focusing on liberation, both physical & spiritual" -NYPRESS.COM "Nathan Jalani Taylor makes expressive semi-abstract works whose subjects speak to contemporary life, with a feeling of music in their bones. Strong, graphic and colorful, they add light and stimulation to any space they inhabit." -UPTOWN MAGAZINE

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"Fantastic artwork!"
By Castleinc, 1/24/2012 about
Congratulations on your tba.
By AwesomeZazzlers, 11/26/2010 about
Your work is outstanding ~ you are such an Awesome Zazzler! Your artwork has been awarded for EXCELLENCE IN ARTISTIC DESIGN and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery. )) Cheryl
By TheBluePlanet, 4/24/2008 about
Wonderful artwork on so many levels! Best wishes ^^)
"Beautiful work!"
By KCGraphics, 4/23/2008 about
You've got a talent! Welcome to zazzle.
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4 results