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Welcome to my gallery! This is a gallery consistent of original art work only! I love to put in the odd photo of my kittens if i think its perfect. I'm 20 years old, I live in Canada. I been drawing for about 8 years now. I do both traditional and digital work. I also have a couple of website where i do post my artwork! but i update this one the most: www.angel-wolfmaiden.deviantart.com Enjoy my gallery - and don't be shy on giving me some art advice/idea on image to help improve them!

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"Thank You"
By Lotacats, 2/10/2009 about
for joining my fan club. oooooooooo...such a kewl dragon. I love dragons. Goreous gallery.
By picklelilly, 11/14/2008 about
very cute work, all the best,Debs
"Nice Gallery!"
By babybunnyusa, 11/7/2008 about
By Phoenix_Toliman, 10/8/2008 about
Hello Rebecca-ann Came to your site first to see the Ferrets. Have such a love and gratituted to those little guys. And then found so much other wonderful Art hear. Wishing you every success. That was my beautiful Tarazard in the picture.
"wonderful gallery!!!"
By blackcat024, 9/28/2008 about
your stuff is awesome, keep up the good work :-)
"Hi Natorra."
By masterpiecesofart, 8/18/2008 about
Thank you, and you're welcome. I report one of those stolen products also myself, the one with white tiger. It is by very famous photographer, he takes pictures for National Geographic.
By SuzeeQ, 8/18/2008 about
I was very sad to hear about Chrissyshop and removed both of my galleries from the fan club. Thank you for bringing the problem to everyone's attention. I hope you have a good week.
By pixelholic, 8/17/2008 about
good day! thanks for the warning on Chrissyshop!
"Thanks so much "
By Jeweledfrog, 8/17/2008 about
Thank you for the heads up. It is so..... well just a lack for words. thanks again I have removed her from my favs.
By ms_dina, 8/17/2008 about
thanks for the heads up on CrissyShop. I have removed myself from the fan club. I love your work. You have a nice gallery, so I am joining your fan club. Excellent trade for the one I left,....Have a great weekend...Dina
By JJ_Paul, 8/17/2008 about
Yeah, I meant to say something about that dime you dropped on Chrissysart, is it? Why do people think they can get away with that? It's pathetic.
By Swisstoons, 8/17/2008 about
Thank you very much for blowing the whistle on Chrissysart. I've just joined your fan club. This sort of thing happens far too often. I suppose it goes without saying that whatever monies "Chrissysart" may have made from sales did NOT find its way into the coffers of any "Wildlife" fund.
By sanguinlover, 8/17/2008 about
thanx for the heads up it's very disheartening to see these kinds of things going on. people work so hard on their art, it's just bad karma to blatantly steal like that.
"Thank you"
By wendyqzx, 8/17/2008 about
for pointing out to me the image theft by the Zazzle user ChrissyShop. I have unsubscribed from that fan club and will not support that shop. Have you already reported the violations using the link on the product pages?
"Thank you!"
By FloralPalette, 8/17/2008 about
Thank you for the comment on my gallery and for making me aware of what was going on:) Thanks again.
"Thank you for letting us know.."
By webgrrl, 8/16/2008 about
I will take the shop of my list/fan.. So sad when this happens...
"Thank you for warning."
By masterpiecesofart, 8/16/2008 about
I have removed this gallery you mentioned from my fan clubs. I had never looked at it, but it is obviously not original work. You can report all stolen images to staff, just click on Report Violation.
"thank you for informing me about the artwork"
By indolilly, 8/16/2008 about
good luck with your gallery! your items are beautiful:)
By mikek92349, 8/16/2008 about
Thx for your message about the art thief. You can notify Zazzle by going to the product in question, and clicking the report violation button.
By flyingbeauties, 8/16/2008 about
thank you for informing me about that! how did you find out ? well again i really appreciate you stopping by and letting me know God bless!
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