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"Bear Jew!"
By niffx, 9/29/2013 about
Bear Jew Shirt available once again! http://www.zazzle.com/bear_jew_t_shirt-235777509106699340
By Destiny, 1/25/2013 about
Hello, Nice to meet you, Outstanding Gallery 5★★★★★ Congratulations on your latest TBA! Best Wishes, Take Care 5★★★★★
By bd5178, 12/19/2011 about
By Alleycatshirts, 12/19/2011 about
dude I'm totally digging alot of your designs they look greattt and are funny as anything. I must become a fan of yours.
"Thanks for joining my fan Club ! ;-)"
By PBworks, 12/19/2011 about
I like a lot of your poster photos, but I don't comment, an error problem with zazzle :( ............. The fog permits to make fantatstic & "fantomatique" ( = whith "ghost" ) photos :) like your Golden Gate !
By FunnyTShirtShop, 11/21/2011 about
Congratulations, your store & products have been chosen to be featured at my sites: www.zazzle.com/FunnyTShirtShop www.squidoo.com/BuyFunnyT-Shirts Please visit and click the "like" buttons or add my banner to your site. http://i44.tinypic.com/2hojvwo.jpg Thanks, FunnyTShirtShop
By tshirtskingdom, 3/29/2011 about
Amazing design, like it so much
"Hello there!"
By BeerPongHero, 1/18/2011 about
We recently featured one of your shirts on a new Squidoo lens: The Best St. Patrick's Day Shirts and Gifts for 2011 Thanks for making such great designs!
"community bumper sticker"
By zazzleuser7642, 12/5/2010 about
can you put the 'e pluribus anus' community logo on a bumper sticker?
"Great stuff!"
By chromobotia, 8/19/2010 about
I loved the threesome heart! LOL
"Great designs"
By egeardesigns, 6/17/2010 about
Funny stuff. Love it!
"Nice gallary"
By gixit22, 6/12/2010 about
your sense of humor reminds me of mine check out my store see what you think
"Fan Club"
By GhostlyChills, 5/9/2010 about
Come over to my web store GhostlyChills and become a member of my fan club.
By instantgifts, 10/19/2009 about
very cool shirts made me laugh
"Great t-shirts!"
By VampOut, 7/20/2009 about
Funny stuff. I really dig it. Congrats on such a cool gallery.
By MufteeDay, 7/11/2009 about
Nice site, great tee's!
"Nice T's"
By memuddy, 4/3/2009 about
I Love your Mother Mary T's. I too make spiritual T Shirts. If you'd like to check them out.
"Fab gallery!"
By vanillapod, 3/10/2009 about
I'm a fan.xxx vanilla pud
"Good Stuff!"
By RW_IMAGES, 2/11/2009 about
Like the Concepts!
By classictshirts, 2/10/2009 about
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