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Being in love with natural landscapes is the reason I take numerous shots, looking for the perfect one to stir my soul and captivate others. I look for bodies of water, sunsets, and the occasional sunrise...but I take other photos which provide inspiration to my soul. Be sure to keep your eye out for the sunset products available; I'm sure you will take one look at these photos which will draw you into their scenes and you will want to commemorate the occasion in one way or another. Be sure to check back often and I'd love to hear your comments. Click the image to check out my Purple Star Series on Squidoo. I love Squidoo and I especially love being responsible for the Purple Star Series which I created - to honor some of the greatest lenses on Squidoo. Of course, I'm always scouting about, trying to find additional lensmasters to feature...so, if you happen to be a purple-star lensmaster who is also a Giant Squid, please let me know (through the Purple Star link above) so I can feature you. Then you, too, will become my Purple Squid. Check out the new products!

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By barbsbooks, 12/19/2011 about
I love those rose cards. I'm off to join your fan club. Can't believe I didn't already.
By lynnsphotogreenart, 12/19/2011 about
I just had to say your store and photography is Fantastic! Your more then welcome to check out my new store and let me know what you think of my work and maybe leave a comment. I'm still adding pictures so keep checking back. You can also join my fan club if you would like I have joined yours. Peace, ~Lynn
By kidnonna, 2/8/2011 about
THANKS for featuring my I MISS YOU CARD :)
By Living_Your_Faith, 2/5/2011 about
Thanks for featuring my product! Iron sharpens iron....
"Featured today!"
By Sandyspider, 1/12/2011 about
See what is shown on this lens. Achieving My Goals with Color
By Sandyspider, 12/22/2010 about
Featuring your calendars on Calendars of the RocketMoms
By bethd821, 5/4/2010 about
Love the new stuff, Norma. Very nice!
By bethd821, 4/26/2010 about
You've added some nice new designs. Nicely done.
"Nice Designs!"
By Sandyspider, 2/23/2010 about
By oztoo2, 2/2/2010 about
Beautiful designs. Your photos are lovely.
By Albomfamily, 1/17/2010 about
Nice store Norma
"Your Store"
By bethd821, 1/16/2010 about
Truly beautiful designs, Norma. I'm a fan!
By sunsets67, 1/29/2009 about
Nice work!
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