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Brighten up your day with this collection of cute, fun and practical prosucts! I designed each one of them with my original patterns and illustrations! I hope you like them! Have fun! Oksancia www.oksancia.com

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"Got my new Poppy Canvas Shoes"
By Oksancia, 12/19/2011 about
Wonderful quality of print and they are so comfy! :)
"New Canvas Shoes!"
By Oksancia, 12/19/2011 about
Got these new Street Canvas Shoes! Love them :)
"New Chamomile Canvas Shoes!"
By Oksancia, 12/19/2011 about
They turned out great!
By maolidesigns, 12/19/2011 about
Fantastic work! I'm a fan!
"No, I haven't joined Red Bubble yet!"
By daphne1024, 12/19/2011 about
As a matter of fact, I hadn't even known RB before I joined zazzle. Here, I've seen many zazzlers who are also displaying their works at RB. Hehe, I'll certainly visit your bubble gallery, and will see what it's like! Thank you, Oksana, for the invitation!! Will talk to you later~~Ujean ^^
"Oksana! What a delightful gallery! I'm a fan for sure!"
By BitsOfWhimsy, 12/19/2011 about
You should come join us at zazzle.com/insomniacs We have lots of fun there!
By continuous_gifts, 4/7/2011 about
Lovely store! You are very talented and I wish you the best with your store.:)
By countrymousestudio, 3/28/2010 about
love your work
By oksanatanasiv, 2/26/2010 about
Hi Oksancia! Your gallery is very beautiful! I am Oksana and I am originally from Ukraine, Ternopil. I wish you good luck with selling more products!
By jeanhar1, 2/3/2010 about
Great shop! I'm a fan. Best of sales in 2010!
"Great Site"
By ryanoneillstudios, 1/20/2010 about
Cool Stuff
"I really enjoyed browsing your artwork!!!"
By AwesomeZazzlers, 12/25/2009 about
Joyeux Noël! Congratulations, you’re an Awesome Zazzler! Your artwork has been awarded for Excellence in Artistic Design and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.
By noteworthy, 12/22/2009 about
By 2smartcats, 11/25/2009 about
Gorgeous gallery, I am a fan.
"Absolutely Awesome Artwork (yes, triple A)"
By bd5178, 9/12/2009 about
I LOVE your work! I am now a fan!
"Wonderful gallery!"
By UniqueSpots, 9/11/2009 about
By julyrisphotography, 9/11/2009 about
I'm a fan! Man, I love vector stuff. Your style is so fun!
By OnlyFunStuff, 7/20/2009 about
Made me smile , love your gallery, I'm a fan. - P.S. You've been Hippoed ====>
By bd5178, 5/30/2009 about
Awesome gallery!
"beautiful Gallery"
By shatay, 5/28/2009 about
you should make Calendars with your Birds and Blossoms they are just wonderful
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