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I made this activism gear for myself, it has helped me find my voice and get off the computer and get involved.

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By allegra_online, 2/26/2011 about
it is a sweet ride twisted diva the gallery and this life thanx bconst
"Youtube video"
By ottawafro, 5/9/2010 about
Yeah, that's was my video.... Need to update this page... so busy , haven't had time to lately. Thanks for your support . Say hello to the rest of the guys for me. Loved the action at the Olympics...
"is that your video on youtube?"
By wackymedia, 4/29/2010 about
Saw Ottowfro holding signs on a bridge and then move on to police station. GReAT stuff...placed it on the frontpage of my store... HELLO from Vancouver 9/11 Truth!
By 911truthfarmer, 5/3/2009 about
Thanks for the comment and your stuff if awesome too.
"I have a gig on Whyte Ave Edmonton. This would be great broaden it an fund it."
By eachtem, 3/9/2009 about
Yeah check me out at, http://exibitspetitionsphotos.blogspot.com/
By WeAreChangeBrisbane, 2/17/2009 about
Hey man, couldn't message ya..video in the way lol. I've got an idea for a T-Shirt for you, email me: wearechangebrisbane [at] gmail.com
"Hey thanks"
By iggymak, 12/22/2008 about
for joining my FC, I joined yours! Good stuff here... let's fight the good fight!
By aliciagrime, 12/20/2008 about
Gallery of Products Very nice presentation of merchandise
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