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               Having a party?   Check me out, I’ve got just what you need! If you like artistic, one-of-a-kind invitations that stand out from the crowd and get noticed, you’ve come to the right place. All of the Party Invitations featured here are fully customizable and multi-purpose – meaning you can change the text on a “Sweet Sixteen” invitation to say "Happy Birthday" or “Anniversary Party”. If you’d like other coordinated items to add to your invitation selection, like postage stamps, stickers, tshirts, coffee mugs, cake toppers and more, contact me at: cheryl@cheryldanielsart.com and I'll be happy to help! I'd love you to visit some of my other Zazzle stores! See list below... Exhortations! ..........CVenus ........House of Cardz .........Vintage Vintage .........Party Invitations ..........Special Occasions Awesome Zazzlers ........Magnet City ........Glam Pretty Weddings ........Stylish Business Cards ........Cheryl Daniels Art

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"Hi Cheryl! Thanks for your visit and kind comments!"
By Regella, 12/19/2011 about
I didn't know this gallery was yours! Fabulous! I joined your FC.... regina
By Sílvia Neto, 5/29/2011 about
Wonderful gallery!!
"I am a fan of your store! Nice products!"
By kittasgraphics, 12/26/2010 about
By Adsaver, 12/16/2010 about
Come and get some ~~ CHOCOLATE.
By CreativeColours, 12/14/2010 about
★ *☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾★*☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾ *•.¸☆¸.•*☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆ Just swinging by 2 say HI & 2 wish you ALL THE BEST in your Zazzling & TONS of sales for this upcoming year!!!!! Շɧαɳӄ ўσʊ 4 being in my fan club!!! Smiles, Chantelle ★ *☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾★*☆⋰˚★✴⋰˚★⋰˚★ ☾ *•.¸☆¸.•*☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆
"Nice gallery!"
By funnyjokes, 9/5/2010 about
I'm a fan! I just opened a second shop. You are already a fan of my older shop Sandyspider.
By createuniquegifts, 8/28/2010 about
Nice store here.
By stkncb29, 7/1/2010 about
i put your "happy happy joy joy" card in my favorites-love the colors!! beautiful gallery!!!
"new fan"
By florene, 6/28/2010 about
fantastic artwork, love your store !
"Very beautiful gallery !!!! 5*****"
By AVrelic, 6/24/2010 about
U have amazing talent ! Thank you so much for your visit and nice comments !!!
"I appreciate having your 'Party Invitations" as a fan as well :-)"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 6/20/2010 about
By dmboyce, 6/19/2010 about
Thanks for stopping by my store and leaving such nice comments, and for joining my fan club. I love your products - such pretty colors.
"You are such a creative, professional designer."
By Rebecca_Reeder, 5/28/2010 about
It is always fun to browse your galleries.
By TheInspiredEdge, 3/29/2010 about
Great store! We're fans :)
By jeanhar1, 2/3/2010 about
Great store! I'm a fan. Best of sales in 2010!
"Definitely Beautiful"
By Rosariangeli, 2/3/2010 about
Your galleries are beautiful. I love this one too! Keep up the great work.
By Cosmotose, 1/21/2010 about
These are gorgeous!
"Another Great Gallery By Cheryl! I Haven't Been To This One, But I Am A New Fan!"
By dchaddad, 1/15/2010 about
I love all the invitations that you have on your wall! This gallery looks fabulous ♥♥ Diane
"You Go Cheryl ......"
By Adsaver, 1/6/2010 about
You got it going on you must have a twin helping you LOL see you soon SUCCESS IS HERE!
"Love your work!"
By lapapeteriedeParis, 10/9/2009 about
I love them all too! Very creative and so professional.
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