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Now with 12 pups, the PEGUI Pups are moving! Check out their new home at Zazzle.com/PEGUIPups! The gallery at PEGUI.org will be removed mid-2014. The images are being placed directly on the products and you may find those at Zazzle.com/PEGUIPups! PawsRUs will stick around; but there are more characters at PEGUIPups. Plus, our new images have transparent backgrounds, so they meld perfectly with any color background of your choice!

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By PawsRUs, 5/3/2012 about
Thanks, Cody! I'm sure you'll give Cutie a great home! :)
"Great Store!"
By Cody, 5/2/2012 about
Love "Cutie". Got her with the Earth shaped as a heart for Earth Day! A little late, sort of, but can be worn any time of year so it doesn't really matter! :) Thanks for the note! Got Cutie on a white t-shirt!
By PawsRUs, 4/3/2012 about
Thank you! Come back soon... the Pups are getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July!
By Destiny, 4/2/2012 about
•.¸☆★☆¸.•Nice store! Hope u sell alot!!•.¸☆★☆¸.•
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