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Welcome to Perspicuity by Craig Swanson - Humor for the Curious Mind.* The term Perspicuity (pronounced PURSE-PICK-YOU-ITTY) reflects my personal appreciation for absurd contradictions. Perspicuity means presented clearly, although the word itself is fairly obscure and hard to pronounce. It is the irony, cleverness and pure stupidity of this which I like. I've set up this Zazzle Store to make it easier for you to order products of all (or at least many) my designs. I hope you enjoy perusing the cartoons as much as I enjoyed dreaming them up and drawing them. I also hope you'll stop by my personal Web site (http://www.perspicuity.com) to see all the things I do beyond cartooning. *NOTE: Some of my designs are not available here on Zazzle. If you are looking for something specific, but can't find it, please send an email to cori@perspicuity.com. She'll respond and/or set it up for you as soon as she can. Happy Shopping! Craig Swanson

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"How to get a Hendrix shirt"
By Perspicuity, 6/18/2012 about
Hi, zennon, The Hendrix "Are you experienced?" shirt is not available on Zazzle, but you can order it from us (Perspicuity) directly. Send an email to me at this address: cori@perspiciuty.com, and I'll get you set up. (I would have sent this message to your email address, but it doesn't appear in your Zazzle profile.) Cheers! Cori Couture Business Manager www.perspicuity.com
"shirt from 2004"
By zennon, 6/17/2012 about
i saw a guy wearing a shirt with caption " Impressive resume Mr Hendrix, but do you have experience." i would really like to purchase this shirt for a great friend of mine. can you help me find it please?
"Great stuff!"
By DebinSC, 7/5/2011 about
I am such a fan! I do love your sense of humor.
"Sack of Rome"
By Dan Weinreb, 8/3/2010 about
"Sack of Rome" is great! Somehow I don't remember having seen that one before.
By Perspicuity, 1/22/2010 about
Hey, everyone, Thanks for your kind comments. So glad you enjoy the humor!
"Fun and Funny!"
By slagathor, 1/21/2010 about
Refer Madness took me a second. But it was worth it. Good humor. (who doesn't like puns?)
"Kewl gallery"
By shatay, 6/2/2009 about
"One enjoyable product after another!"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 11/15/2008 about
You have clever creations!!
By stallion00, 9/4/2007 about
Really great stuff man. Love the humor.
By mickeyelvis128, 6/14/2007 about
Very funny!!! LOLOLOLOLOL nice gallery....
"Off the Wall!"
By azac69, 3/3/2007 about
New serif in town :)
"Hopi Holidays - that does cover a few holidays, but I bet you missed a couple somehow!"
By photogenic_pics, 11/22/2006 about
great shirt!
"Toys for Trots"
By coricouture, 11/19/2006 about
Very funny! Love it.
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