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By M, 10/3/2011 about
Thanks for the support, I appreciate it :)
By TravelWithPaula, 10/2/2011 about
Thank you for your nice comments on my Shark Stories store. Your shop looks nice and unique too!
By Nasaworld, 3/2/2011 about
A beautiful store with fascinating images.
By Lluwellyn, 1/18/2011 about
Thanks for the nice comment on my art. Love you art to it far out.
"return Address on lion and Lamb cards"
By peter222999, 11/16/2010 about
Hi, I apologize for not responding sooner, I really never get much comments,and I did not see yours. I do not know if zazzle ca help you with your address on the envelope, I only create the designs, but if you call or email zazzle, they can answer the question. I really apologize fro not seeing your question. Thanks fro your support, if you cannot get the answer, leave another comment and we will exchange emails so I can assist you if possible. God Bless and thanks Peter222999
"Return Address on Greeting Card Envelope"
By tortelbj, 10/12/2010 about
I wanted to order 300 of the "lionandlamb" greeting cards but wanted to know if I could customize the envelope that comes with the cards to contain my return address. Thank you.
By robynsnest, 6/20/2009 about
great gallery. I'm a new fan:)
By first164, 8/19/2008 about
Very inspirational designs. Nice Job.
"Hi Peter!"
By RavenSpiritPrints, 5/15/2008 about
What a fun Gallery you have here! Zazzle welcomes you! You'll have fun here! Namaste, Skye :o-)
"Thanks for your nice comment and for joining my Fan Club!"
By SuzeeQ, 4/9/2008 about
I wish you the best of luck on here, too! HAve a great day!
"What a fantastic Gallery!"
By SuzeeQ, 4/8/2008 about
I really love your work!
By richardredhawk, 3/30/2008 about
some great work keep it up
"Shalom Malakem:"
By captphrank, 6/21/2007 about
Not sure if I spelled that right?...Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I too love UFO's. Global warming is and will be a problem for generations to come. I really like your Greyscomplete. Great picture and art work. come by anytime...captphrank
"Hi Peter. Thanks for adding me to your fan club :)"
By MidnightAkita, 5/27/2007 about
Love the alien design.
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