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Posters, T-Shirts, Mugs, Note Cards and Greeting Cards depicting images of the Lighthouses and Coastal Scenery of North Carolina. and New England. I would like to note that ALL of the images on my products were taken by me. There are NO web downloads. I have visited every lighthouse featured on my products. Rest assured that each and every image is carefully chosen by me from among well over 1000 lighthouse images in my images folder. Thank you for looking. Pete RECENTLY, THE SUSAN G. KOMEN FOUNDATION REVEALED THAT THEY SUPPORTED PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND HAD BEEN SENDING MONEY TO THEM IN SUPPORT OF BREAST CANCER SCREENINGS. THIS FREES UP MONEY FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD TO USE IN ABORTIONS. I AM FIRMLY AGAINST ABORTIONS AS I BELIEVE THAT THIS IS KILLING BABIES. I MADE A PROTEST T-SHIRT TO THAT EFFECT AND IT WAS REMOVED BY ZAZZLE DUE TO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. IN SHORT, ZAZZLE FOLDED TO PRESSURE FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD. SHAME ON ZAZZLE.

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"Nice to visit this great site agian."
By graphxpro, 12/11/2010 about
"Nice Work..."
By TidBits13, 4/9/2010 about
It's a really wonderful photo gallery... Great Job... I'm a fan...
"Glad to see your lighthouses"
By graphxpro, 3/9/2010 about
Stop by and let me know what you think.
By fstasu56, 5/1/2009 about
You have some very wonderful lighthouse photographs.
"Hi, Thanks for stopping by..."
By mickeyelvis128, 7/23/2008 about
A very nice gallery you have here!
By kcstillwaters, 4/14/2008 about
I love lighthouses and hope someday to be able to travel and see them in person. Until then, mind if I keep visiting your site?
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