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WELCOME TO THE PIDGIE FUND! The Pidgie fund was started December 2005 by Wendy C. Allen. We are a non-profit group saving the world one pet at a time. All earnings from these products are used to buy food and supplies for pets in need and shelter animals in the Southern Maine area. To date The Pidgie Fund has helped more than 500 animals ranging from house pets, to farm animals, to wildlife, including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, mollusks, and amphibians. The Pidgie fund was named in memory of my long time friend and companion: Pidgie, a Rock Dove or City Pigeon who was found as a day old chick laying in the middle of the road. He was quickly adopted by my 2-month-old kitten: Utopia, and the 2 of them grew up playing together and went on to become fast friends. The 2 of them were my own companions. I joined the Internet that same month of August 1997. In the years that have passed I became known as the online celebrity known as EelKat. As my Internet fans all knew, whenever I went online, I was never alone, but always in the company of a little gray bird, who either was sitting on the computer, on my head, or running across the keyboard biting my fingers. In all my years online, I was never to use the computer without him at my side. It seemed like I’ve had Pidgie forever. On December 10, 2005 my long time posting buddy died. He’d been my constant companion for many years and he shall not pass on unforgotten. Pidgie was not Utopia's only pet bird. My gentle Siamese cat also had 3 pet Budgies. The Pidgie Fund was created December 11, 2005 in memory of my beloved Pidgie and is run by me and Pidgie's Siamese Cat companion Utopia. The original Website and CafePress shop opened later that week, and has over the last 2 years expanded greatly. Today we move on to the latest expansion: A Zazzle Gallery. This Zazzle gallery was started on April 9, 2007. All products designed, photos taken, and art painted/drawn by Wendy C. Allen. More products well continue to be added as time goes by. ~~Wendy C. Allen a.k.a EelKat You can find out more about us here: The Pidgie Fund on Squidoo Copper Cockeral Cards and Gifts stocks cards, shirts, and prints featuring original art and photos by Maine native Wendy C. Allen a.k.a. EelKat. Celebrate our 6 year anniversary with us! (Selling art on Zazzle since 2004!) This is the sister gallery to The Pidgie Fund , both of which are owned by The Twighlight Manor Press . Did you know I have Autism? Many people are taken back by that, because they think of Autism as a "Children's Disease" and for some reason have no idea that children with Autism, grow up to be adults with Autism. Autism does not go away because it is not a disease! Autism stays with you for life. You can find my Autism Awareness products, including products for Adults with Autism and t-shirts for Autism Service Dogs at: Puzzled By Autism? Other galleries I run include: The Talking Car The Rabbit Hole Old Orchard Beach, Maine Photography My newest gallery EK's Dogs , featuring my art on dog clothing, can be seen here: My mom and 3 brothers each have their own Zazzle Galleries, so be sure to check out their work as well @ Tiddledeewinks FlashAllen The Juiceman Johnny 5 Allen You can find out How I Became An Artist . For those of you who have asked what I use to create my art work, here is info about My Art Equipment , and for those just starting out, I recommend using these books because they are the Best Art Instruction Books and the ones I use myself. You can find out more about me @ Who is This EelKat Person Anyways? . And you can find out more about Copper Cockeral @Copper Cockeral Cards & Gifts Thank you for visiting my sites. Love and kisses! ~~EK Photography, Art, and Designs by Autistic Maine artist and photographer Wendy C Allen aka EelKat © 1978 - Present The postage stamp choices below represent some of the different designs and themes created EelKat for Copper Cockeral Cards & Gifts A Twighlight Manor Company. Please Click Each Stamp Below To View It In A Larger Size: Like my designs? Want to sew cloths, tote bags, curtains, and pillows to match? Now you can using my line of custom fabrics created using the same designs sold here on Zazzle! http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/eelkat Fabrics available in clothing, quilting, designer, or upholstery weights. Prices starting at just $18 a yard. Do you see one of my drawings that you like and want made into fabric? Let me know. All of my paintings will eventually become available as fabric, but it's a long process, so if there's one you want to see come out sooner than others, just tell me. Thanks! On September 20, 2007, after building Squidoo Lenses about my products on Zazzle, I won Squidoo's The Giant Squid Award. Click on the picture to check out my lenses: . ================================================================== ================================================================== Did you know I have Autism? You can find my Autism Awareness products, including t-shirts for Autism Service Dogs at: Puzzled By Autism? autism puzzle pieces 35 by PuzzledByAutism View more Puzzled by autism Pet Clothing ================================================================== ================================================================== ~~~ ALL ITEMS IN ALL OF MY SHOPS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED BY YOU ! ~~~ My designs come in a variety of styles for you to choose from, but don't let that stop you from using your own creativity to express your unique personality. That's right! EVERYTHING in this shop is customizable! Simply click the CUSTOMIZE IT link on the product page and move design elements around to explore what will look best on you! You can add your own text or images, change colors, add new backgrounds, change product sizes, styles, colors, and shapes. The possibilities are endless! All together across all of my shops, I have well over 10,000 products for sale! Did you come here looking for information about my Autism Awareness Car? You can find out more about The Dazzling Razzberry II @ The Dazzling Razzberry II A(nother) Twighlight Manor Car Brought to Life and @ Info about the The Dazzling Razzberry, the Art Car of Saco Bay and @ Basic Problems One Must Solve Soon After Becoming Homeless and @ Waiting for Cleo on a Hot Summer Day . And for current up to date info on me, my life, my car, my art, and to find out where you can meet me and my car in person at car shows, just head to my official blog @ EK's Star Log .

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By animabase, 12/19/2011 about
Your canvas design is cool. I like it. I saw your link in squidoo. I made 2 lens about my zazzle gallery in squidoo. Would you visit my lens. Comment and votes are welcome lens 1 lens 2 Thanks.
"Wow! You really put a lot of work on this shop!"
By funnyjokes, 9/5/2010 about
I'm a fan! I a have a new shop! You are already a fan of my other store Sandyspider.
By WindyWinters, 10/6/2009 about
Amazing Gallery & Artwork inspired by a sweet pigeon!
"Thank you so much for joining my fan club!!!"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 4/14/2009 about
I have really enjoyed discovering your gallery as well! Wishing you the best! Rebecca (and the orangutans)
"Cute stuff in your gallery. I wish you well with this cause!"
By Cheries_Art, 3/16/2009 about
"some new art from the Pidgie Fund's sister gallery"
By eelkat, 2/10/2009 about
Untitled Mousepad by eelkatMake mousepads At zazzleSee other Youth School Academics Mousepads
By Willowdesign, 11/3/2008 about
Hey! You've been busy little bee! Lots of great pics here! :)
By joacreations, 8/29/2008 about
Love your rooster, especially the singing rooster!
By AnitaJoy, 7/27/2008 about
love your work
By jvinnyg, 6/6/2008 about
Wonderful gallery Beautiful designs awesome work one million stars from me************ i'm now a fan
By Cherylsart, 4/20/2008 about
Hi Pidgiefund, please add your Squidoo lens to Zazzlers Who Squidoo. Thanks.
"A most worthwhile cause!"
By diane_jacky, 4/14/2008 about
Pigeon lover for almost 45 years and an animal lover forever. :)
By sunsett76, 4/13/2008 about
Great message! I am a fan!
By aftsun, 2/7/2008 about
Thanks so much for your comment on my explode mouse pad.
"Very nice..."
By ginyhogan, 2/6/2008 about
Love you gallery. I just joined your fan club.
By mohsenart, 12/29/2007 about
Thanks a lot for your comments! Your gallery is meaningful and important. Nature,nature, nature! These are the only things I love in this world. Only there I find peace. In my work I desperately try to find colors which already exists in the breath-taking colors of flowers, birds, tropical fish... Have a Happy New Year!
By jezzikabret, 12/25/2007 about
Great gallery :) Love the cause! Happy Holidays :)
"Go PidgieFund!"
By rclord, 11/6/2007 about
I love your work; especially the singing rooster, which is my favorite. Thank you for your kind comment congratulating me. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help your Pidgie Fund, which I totally support. Peace, rclord.
By DonnaGrayson, 8/3/2007 about
Thanks for joining my fan club ! You have a wonderful gallery !
"Thanks for your comments, greatly appreciated!"
By JenuArt, 7/25/2007 about
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