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Support your favorite gaming clan in style by wearing PMS and other Gaming Gear. IMPORTAT TO KNOW:All products FULLY customizable- this means you can chage the product to ANY style, colors, font, background you want! Even add YOUR own gamertag or other text to every product availabe! Simply select the logo image you like on the product type you are wanting then hit CUSTOMIZE THIS DESIGN on the bottem left of the product image! (e.g. you want the Official PMS Logo on a hoodie, so you choose the logo in the color that you want on whatever shirt it is curently showing up on, then you will link to the current product but you will change it to a hoodie and make any other changes you want by simply hitting CUSTOMIZE THIS DESIGN. This means you can make every product EXACTLY as you wish to, only using our orginal logos as a starting point!

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By VballChick_PMS, 12/19/2011 about
I'm getting a hat and keychain and maybe a shirt or two! woot!
By Syko_killa_chick, 8/20/2010 about
Cant wait till my birthday comes. Ive got recruitment and then BAM my man's gonna buy me some stuff from this. >:D
"Time to meet the clan!"
By 1MPUR1TY, 10/4/2009 about
It's my first clan outing, so I'm wearing a white sweatshirt for the GameX event! I'll bring sharpies so I can get everyone's signature =P
"first purchase"
By H2OFreemann, 8/1/2009 about
just order my first H2O shirt!!
"So getting one"
By pwncess_krissy, 1/16/2009 about
I'm gonna wear it to the Carolina Games Summit. REPRESENT!
"Getting some new stuff"
By Debora Rodrigues, 7/6/2008 about
It has been a while since I last bought PMS so it was time to get new stuff. ;-)
By H2o_Equinox_Jr, 7/4/2008 about
I already bought a H2o T-shirt on the 29th. Mines still hasn't come yet.
By H2o_Nosferatu, 5/10/2008 about
Gold & Black H2o shirts, i wanna buy one damn it!
"MacGrandma's shirt :)"
By Nightwish_PMS, 8/5/2007 about
http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a70/nursemary56/?action=view&current=playlikegrandmashirt.png Play like Grandma :) love it!
"I have bought many things from thise store they are so adorable!"
By Nightwish_PMS, 8/5/2007 about
I even customized a shirt by putting a photo on the back. :) this is MacGrandma PMS and I have the pic for my background on my myspace well I uploaded the old grandma and put it on the back of a shirt! On the front it says play like a girl on the back it says or play like grandma MacGrandma PMS I love being able to custom all the shirts!
By PMSJaded, 5/7/2007 about
I just ordered 3 different shirts! Now I can represent where ever I go, not to mention MLG. Really cool stuff.
"Soo Quick!"
By MissSlaughter, 4/19/2007 about
This store I cannot come to! I could have just spent sooo much money! Ack but I controled it and got a shirt, and it came in like 2 days! Thats what I call service :)
"Looks Amazing!!!"
By H2O_Majestic, 4/19/2007 about
Ill definitely have to buy lots of things!!!
By H2O_CriTikiLL, 3/28/2007 about
H2O logos. I have to get a few thing's. Ohh yeah. I like that sweat shirt. By the way. The store as a whole looks wonderful ladies. Great Job!
By montdragon, 3/25/2007 about
A great clan who can and does have the right stuff for the game in the gamer of girls who can.
By pmskassi, 2/8/2007 about
Woo! I love this store. Pretty good prices for the items as well!
"this is SOO cool."
By PMS_ZorrA, 12/20/2006 about
the stuff here is so cool. ive already saved $80 of stuff to my cart. i LOVE the hats and bags. also the hoodies
By Jessica, 12/5/2006 about
Wow this stuff is amazing im so going to buy some of these shhh and also for someone else but dont tell LOL haha omg i love you girlz!
"Oh Baby! Awesome!"
By Nightwish_PMS, 11/28/2006 about
Wow! I can't wait to go shopping my birthday is coming up soon :)
By krazybabyangel, 11/26/2006 about
I'm enjoying this too much! I want to buy it all!!!
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