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"I love your designs!"
By Marissa Carlo, 11/30/2011 about
Great work :)
By TaylorVoss, 6/30/2010 about
great stuff
By slvr0drgn, 6/22/2010 about
Cool gallery, keep up the good work!
By cmariegifts, 5/12/2010 about
Great stuff! Hi, Zazzle neighbor! Just dropping by to introduce myself and extend a warm greeting! Feel free to drop by anytime you want! Have a delightful day!
By laureenr, 4/1/2010 about
Saw you on LinkReferral. I'm a new fan, Best wishes. Lau
"nice gallery"
By allicor, 1/31/2010 about
saw you on facebook am a fan
By I_Am_Vampire, 8/15/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club...Cool Gallery ..I am a fan ..Joanne
"Just showing some your page some luv"
By Tip_City, 8/10/2009 about
"Congrats on your TBA!"
By heartniki, 3/31/2009 about
"Your gallery rocks!"
By CherylDanielsart, 3/30/2009 about
I especially love your tribal artwork. Congrats to you for your TBA today!!! I just joined your fan club! Much success to you :)) Cheryl
By gramunc, 3/4/2009 about
Thanks! Very cool stuff you've got here!
By Two_Sisters_Boutique, 1/19/2009 about
Awesome Gallery....Your Designs are sooo cool....I 'm a fan.....
By aliciagrime, 12/14/2008 about
Very Cool Design Nice Page...
By Foozyo, 10/25/2008 about
That is so cool, love the idea: 5*
By JJ_Paul, 9/4/2008 about
Thanks for joining my fan club! Brooklyn in da house!
By infinitecreations, 8/13/2008 about
I am feelin' your concepts! Nice site! Add some music and let em' know why hip hop will neva die! You just got a new member for your fan club!
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16 results