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An explosion of colors and images designed specifically to stimulate the visual sense, caress the optic nerve, increase serotonin levels in the body, thereby producing a feeling of relaxation, nostalgia, safety, euphoria and over-all wellness. Purchasing products from Pop-ocalypse will also make anyone better-looking, better-smelling and more attractive to potential mates. Be sure to check out my blog/art store at; http://www.3-dmonster.com/ Like a piece of art but not the product it's on? Email me at danbrudesign@yahoo.com and I'll make it just for you free of charge!

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By MONSTERVISIONS, 6/5/2010 about
GREAT images!, My monsters admire your skull work.. We are fans!
By gothictoggs, 5/29/2010 about
just awesome!!
"Thanks! We're mutual fans!"
By JuJuGarden, 5/21/2010 about
By Popacolypse, 5/11/2010 about
Thanks for all of the kind words and warm welcomes! You guys are the best!
By cmariegifts, 5/11/2010 about
Great stuff! Hi, Zazzle neighbor! Just dropping by to introduce myself and extend a warm greeting! Feel free to drop by anytime you want! Have a delightful day!
By ArtIsLife_LifeIsArt, 5/7/2010 about
AMAZING STORE!!!! :-D Incredible & fun designs!!! :-)
"Congrats on your TBA!"
By alienpollution, 5/5/2010 about
Real cool store!
By nightmare7darkangel, 5/5/2010 about
TBA - Is Short - Todays Best Award You receive the award when Zazzle chooses you design as one of the designs of the day. Thank you for visiting my store. Best of luck in sales.
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8 results