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Postcards, greeting and notecards, and postage by Clara Chandler Featured lines include Crappy Birthday Cards Kokopelli Kapers Kollection Note Cards

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"These are fabulous!"
By Poetlady, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for you comments. I love what you've done with these vintage cards. I have a collection of antique real photo postcards I hope to add to zazzle in the next few months... the are really priceless, aren't they?
"PostCardsFromThe Edge..."
By Donamaria, 12/19/2011 about
Wonderful Gallery and I would expect NOTHING less here ;) Not sure how you do it, but you do it, and that's all that matters. You have a gift and it's called "creative genius"... hugs, D.
By ake212005, 1/11/2011 about
I love a lot of your products. Very funny!!!
"Dreamer - Shipping"
By postcardsfromtheedge, 2/13/2010 about
Zazzle ships the cards the same day they're ordered. They come from Redwood City, California. You should haveyour card in plenty of time. Thanks for asking, PostcardsFromTheEdge/Clara Chandler
By dteamer, 2/13/2010 about
Where are your items shipped from? Your location? I am trying to get a card by next Friday, Feb. 19 to zip code 91709. Please provide an ETA, dteamer@aol.com. Thanks!
"hello out there"
By PaintingQueen, 10/16/2009 about
I really enjoyed my visit to your shop. Great sense of humor! Made me smile!
By RankinOriginals, 10/6/2009 about
Love the vintage cards - I'm a fan!
"Pixie Jewelry Legend"
By jubi4joy77, 6/5/2009 about
I love that pixie card. I am starting a jewelry business and would love to have this put on a jewelry business card. I love the colors too. Do you think this would be possible? Please let me know. My email is jubi4joy2000@yahoo.com My name is Jackie Heden I live in Aberdeen WA I will be doing jewelry shows and parties. God Bless You
By doom3tc, 4/4/2009 about
Love your gallery immeasurably...... I'm definitely adding into your fan club
By aliciagrime, 3/25/2009 about
Absolutely Fabulous!!masterpieces of Art,Great designs*! You do very beautiful work (unique and lovely with such a great variety also).
By D_C_Seibold, 3/4/2009 about
By CaArtstudio, 3/2/2009 about
Cool gallery, I'll be back!!!
By schmeer, 12/15/2008 about
Well looky who it is!!! Yo, Schmeer here! lol
"Nice gallery"
By conroyaltee, 11/28/2008 about
Fun stuff!
"Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave comments,"
By postcardsfromtheedge, 5/4/2008 about
or just stop by. I appreciate all of you! ~~Best, PostcardsFromTheEdge/ClaraChandler
By mikek92349, 5/4/2008 about
Great Mix of cards
"Gorgeous gallery! I'm a fan!"
By BitsOfWhimsy, 5/2/2008 about
I love your little logo ... it's soooo cute!
"Hi Amiga!"
By Zeke145, 4/4/2008 about
I hope you are feeling better now. Indeed we missed our "CC," but I, too, was absent for a spell. May everything go well and be better for you, Clara. Thank you so very much for dropping by and letting me know how you are! Z.
"Hi Clara, just stoppin by to say hello!"
By Perlyyyy, 4/3/2008 about
I hope all is well with you...huggggggs! Love,Perl
"cool gallery"
By lucaskevin, 3/26/2008 about
pretty cool gallery
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