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"Awesome product"
By , 2/25/2011 about
Awesome product! Wore the tshirt into a mosque - after the response I got, I have a WHOLE bunch more people to pray for!
"Shirts in Public"
By b_side, 12/9/2009 about
My wife and I wore hoodie and long-sleeve versions of the shirts to a conference. I wore mine to a crowded book signing in a mall. For the most part people didn't seem to notice. The few that did made comments like, "What a great idea!"
By prayfat, 12/8/2009 about
You can create tasteful yet provocative shirts and coffee mugs with ATFP art work that is here. Imagine one of these coffee mugs on your pastor's desk, or wearing one of these shirts to class. What a great way to spread the Spirit's calling and be a testimony.
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3 results