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Products designed to promote the Project 40+ Models and Photographers. Books, Calendars, and other items created to showcase the Mature and Sexy women over 40.

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"Over 40 project"
By southerngirlsrbest, 12/19/2011 about
I wanted to submit but just couldn't get the photo ready I wanted but have it now. Hope to submit for your next project. It's a great tribute to women of age :)
"Andrew C Gellert"
By Sarah mindy, 11/4/2011 about
To everyone that reads this!! Andrew passed away on Sept 29th 2011. I am sorry to carry news like this!! He was loved by so many, and he will truly be missed!! His last photo shoot he did with me Carola Caris on Sept 26th. We had a full day at Salt River and it was an amazing day!! Andrew, we met briefly, but had known each other for many year online!! We will meet again!! Hugs. Carola Caris
"Love This..."
By , 3/2/2011 about
Thank you so much for honoring women over 40. We become better with age, doncha know...lol...and I love this store! The page is set up really well!! Best, Catherine
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3 results