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"Woooooo Order placed!!"
By Em Coles, 12/19/2011 about
Can't wait to get it! No clue how long it'll take, but it'll so be worth it!!! You rock Chun!
By Andy2302, 12/19/2011 about
for noticing my 'ice cathedral'. Welcome to Zazzle. You do nice work.
By Sunluvr, 12/15/2010 about
You draw so nicely! I'm your fan! Also...* Happy holidays * !!! :D
By aliciagrime, 12/8/2008 about
like your designs- I'm a fan :) Very Nice Page Good Work .Very Cool Stuff In This Site Nice Wow
By puppy52, 12/5/2008 about
thanks everyone for the kind comments! Meimi132 thank youuuuuuu hope it reach U soonest!
By indiebabexx, 12/4/2008 about
Nice gallery
By sunsets67, 10/20/2008 about
Cute Gallery!
By krhc45, 10/19/2008 about
I love "Puppy love cooking"!
By Lil_bunny_foofoo, 10/9/2008 about
fabulous cute! a dog can be a girl's bestfriend too!
"Welcome---cute gallery!!"
By tomkatx2, 10/7/2008 about
"You're welcome Andy 2302! :D"
By puppy52, 10/7/2008 about
Thanks for popping by!
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