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My real name is Deb, but I've been known as "Ramkitten" in the long-distance backpacking community for about 12 years now. The nickname originates from the name of the farm -- RamCat -- that I was living on when I began hiking on the Appalachian Trail. In 2000, I thru-hiked the A.T. from Georgia to Maine, and the nickname has stuck with me ever since, on other trails and online. In addition to hiking long trails and short, another passion of mine is writing. I have two published novels floating around out there, hundreds of articles, and a non-fiction book project in the works based on my three-month experience in Nepal. As the ditty in my banner above says, "Walking a trail frees my mind to wander." I do some of my best creative thinking when I'm hiking, and it was on the Appalachian Trail that I came up with the characters and storyline for my first novel, I. Joseph Kellerman . I'm also passionate about Search and Rescue, which I've been involved with since 2007. Like most SAR members in the U.S., I'm a volunteer, and, for me, it's the most worthwhile, soul-satisfying thing I've ever done. Most of the images you'll see here come from my hikes, my Search & Rescue activities and my travels, near and far. I'm a New England transplant now living in Flagstaff, Arizona, who loves to explore both close to home and around the world. I hope you'll enjoy sharing some of those adventures with me through my photos and other products and, if you'd like, my writing by visiting my "hiking writer" website or my Search and Rescue blog . **Some of the photos now included in my emporium were taken by my man, Jeremy Kingsbury, who accompanies me on many of my adventures, near and far, big and small. Thank you for stopping by! Deb My Other Sites: Search & Rescue Stories: True stories by rescuers and those they've helped Ramkitten on Squidoo Debra Lauman's Author Page on Facebook

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"Hi Deb, cool store"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 6/9/2011 about
Best of luck, have a great week! Ron
"Welcome to Zazzle. I am a fan too."
By Sandyspider, 5/30/2011 about
Great looking site. I always loved that ram cat of yours too.
"Thanks, Sheila, Patricia and Coreen!"
By Deb Kingsbury, 5/29/2011 about
I appreciate the welcome. I'm slowly but surely tweeking things and learning. Clouda9, I sent you a message with a question about how you did the "Narrow by Product" list on your store. Can't seem to figure that one out.
"Hello you!"
By Correen, 5/28/2011 about
Most Excellent...are the first two words that flew into my head when I clicked on your link from Amplify! You are quite the talented woman...in so many ways. Happy sales to you! O's to you ("break a leg...lol! ;)
"Welcome Aboard"
By Patricia AZ Phillips, Exit178, 5/27/2011 about
Wow, you've got a great start. Looks like you've spent some time here since I last looked.
By Sheila H, 5/27/2011 about
Welcome to Zazzle, Ramkitten!
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